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    hey, i'm traveling with my family in an RV to Chicago. We are going straight on the way there, however we want to make a stop on the way back. We plan on leaving Chicago on a Saturday night and getting back to New York on Sunday night. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any cool places for a family with kids (and adults) to stop on the way from Chicago to New York. we are looking for either a ski resort or somewhere fun thats indoors. thanx

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'll go to beyond the point that an overnight trip from Chicago to New York is dubious enough on a fun family trip, and ask why in the world are you using an RV for this trip? Manuvering through New York in an RV isn't going to be all that easy, the places to "camp" with one would be at best very limited, and since I assume you are talking about a winter trip here, I can't imagine it would be all that comfortable.

    The mountains of PA and upstate NY should both have some good skiing options, but they both would leave you a long way from home. Otherwise I'm not sure what sort of indoor fun you would be looking for?

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    Well, we are taking an RV because we are about 4 adults and 3 children and are visiting family who have little space. I know it sounds a little crazy. What i was wondering is if there was anything that is fun for the whole family(weather permitted) that we'd be able to do on our way back from chicago to new york. i noticed that we will be passing through Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania- what area would be right in the middle of our trip? Any suggestions would be so helpful, thank you.

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    Default Half way?

    Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown/Pittsburgh look roughly half-way to me.

    Here's some info on Cleveland. Or enjoy this report on a trip from Chicago through Pittsburgh with some good tips on things to see there.

    You might also use the search function (see green bar above) and type in the names of those various cities for discussions about trips others have taken through there for more ideas.

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    It seems to me that you have allotted a scant 24 hours to cover the nearly 800 miles between Chicago and New York. I don't see where you'll have time for anything more than a hard drive and a hard day's night's sleep.


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    Thank you Judy for your positive and helpful feedback

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    But let's back up a bit.

    Are you planning on spending the night half-way, too? If so, this would work. But AZBuck is right, 800 miles in an RV will probably take about 15 hours to drive. Maybe more if you hit congestion. I don't see how you'll have time to stop and play half-way to New York if you're not going to spend the night there.

    Sometimes people push through their fatigue to burn miles. That's OK. We've all done it. But be aware that this is more tiring than some people assume it will be. Particularly when driving a vehicle that is harder to drive, like an RV. You might get to your relatives so exhausted that you spend the first day sleeping. So I hope you at least have several drivers so you can rest along the way.

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