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    Default How to Give your Cellist a Heartattack

    I've been sick all week, but couldn't get out of a gig yesterday. It was at Melrose Plantation, a little south of Natchitoches. Not too bad since Intrepid was playing also. I decided to head down early, take a nap at her place, play the gig and crash at her place overnight. Simple right? Wrong.

    I went to Melrose last month, but got there via alternate routes (ie Laura was just kind of wandering through Louisiana and happened upon it). But I knew that the directions the first violinist had given sounded a little odd, but hey I'd never been there from I-49. Intrepid and I head out early to make sure we can find it and make the turn as instructed. Boy was that wrong. We had barely gotten off the interstate when the road turned into a dirt road. Not good - we turned around -got back on I-49 and figured out the right exit and made it there with about 15 minutes to spare. Cool. So - um - where's the rest of the quartet.

    We were supposed to start playing at 5 - 4:58 we get a panicked phone call from the other members asking about that dirt road. I got them back on track, but knew that they were still about 20 minutes away. Crap! What are we going to do. We have no music and are missing the two violinists. Double crap!

    I start rooting around my cello case and come out with an odd assortment of music. Intrepid (a violist) plays some music from memory and makes up things while I play any and everything in those books. Not too good, since many of the songs seem to be sad songs. One of them was a Back Arioso which roughly translated to "I stand with a foot in the Grave". Let's hope there were no music scholars around.

    Wedding starts at 5:30 - and they have requested specific songs- It's now 5:25 - triple crap! what are we going to do?? At 5:26 the violinists come running up with music, stands, etc in hand. The wedding itself goes off without a hitch. But man - that was frightening.

    Lesson learned - always check a map and head out in plenty of time. They were late when they figured out they were lost, forget about the time it took them to find the right place.

    One more random tidbit - I know I haven't written up a post about my plantation trip a month ago but some of you may have seen my buddy's picture. We were hanging around waiting to get paid and the bridal party was going through the buffet line. I looked over and saw my buddy eyeing a plate of roast beef. I was thinking -surely one of the waiters or bridal party is going to notice this. Nope - buddy gets into that unmistakable "I'm going to make a flying leap and run off with that roast beef" pose. Oh no. I run across the yard and grab a flying cat just as it's making its leap.

    So all in all yesterday. I was a cellist (solo and quartet), mapquest, and cat wrangler.

    No wonder we made a stop at the drive through liquor barn in Natchitoches on the way home. Best margarita I've had in a good long while.

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    Default Oh, I can so relate!

    I get very upset with myself when I rely on someone's directions and don't print out directions via one of the mapping websites first. This has tripped me up more than once. I'm a bit hard-headed and don't always learn quick.

    Don't most people feed the music? Huh? What's up with that?

    I've never heard a better reason for a drive-through bar before. :)

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