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    If you were going to Calgary from Michigan would you take 90 from chicago or the trns canada1 from sult st marie-Is the 1 a good motorcycle road in the summer with great scenery or is it no big deal. I dont hear much about it-this isnt about milage as much as scenery....thanks

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    If time or money isn't an option, personally, I'd take the Trans-Can, over the interstate. There are some very scenic stretches of the highway in Western Ontario, and you get a good field for the Canadian plains through MB and SK. The route is only freeway in sections though, so it would be slower than I-90.

    Another option worth considering would be to take US-2 across the northern Tier of the US.

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    Is 2 pretty scenic?

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    Default The simple answer is YES!

    But, then again, you're talking to a group of people who do not believe in the concept of a boring road. Every road is scenic.

    Is this roundtrip? How about 2 one way and the Canadian route the other way?

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    Have you rode hwy 1?


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