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    Default New to RTA, question re: camping near Laguna Beach, Ca

    My first post and looking forward to meeting new acquaintances with similar interests.

    For a few days in Laguna Beach to kick back and surf and skim, where is there a campsite or friendly, safe parking lot for sleeping in a van? Plans are to have a cooler for 2 meals and eat out for one.


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    Default Sounds like a fun place to kick back at!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    I have no experience with camping in that area but here are the CA state parks in that area. Just click on the ones that interest you to read more. From a bit of googling around, it seems that Crystal Cove and Corona del Mar seem to get fairly good reviews and they are closest to Laguna Beach.

    Hopefully somebody more familiar with those areas will pipe in with their suggestions and any comments on these parks.

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    Default Thanks, Judy

    Yes, I looked at Crystal Cove, but it's all cottages near the beach, and $185 per night for 4. I'll keep checking back. Thanks.

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    Default Yikes!

    But keep looking at the CA state parks website because there are other options. There are quite a few listings at Woodall's that you might check out, too. You just might have to drive a little bit to get to Laguna Beach.

    Doheny State Park and San Clemente State Park, both just a bit south of Laguna Beach, have rates from $16-35/night.

    Newport Dunes Resort has tent camping for $48 per night.

  5. Default Newport Dunes is the closest to Laguna..

    The other ones I know in the area are state parks or county parks..

    San Clemente State Beach (a ways south...)

    O'Neil Park in El Toro Area (inland a ways)

    Caspers Wilderness Park on Ortega Highway (inland a ways)

    Doheney State Beack (but not sure if they do camping...)

    Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach (not sure they do reservations, but a fair number of RVs camped there last time I drove by -- organized area, so not like its just park & camp, but I haven't seen reservations available, either).

    There might be some RV parks around, but I'm normally not familiar with them...

    There is a camping area at Crystal Cove, but its a "hike in" campsite, with no water and about 5 miles each way.

  6. Default I take that back..

    Doheney might be the closest, but I don't have any experience with camping there.. (its right near Dana Point)

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