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    Default Alaska Kenai Fjords boat trip????

    I have been following the threads concerning the Alaska trips and my husband and I are going to use the company mentioned by the moderator. So, could anyone with experience about the Kenai Fjords boat trip let me know if they had problems with seasickness. The new Frommers mentions that if you have a tendency to seasickness you may run into trouble. Our tour manager has been wonderful with helping us out and said she did not think it would be a problem. We will be going on a 20 passenger boat and see a lot of wildlife. Since I got pretty sick on a glass bottom boat last year in Key West, we are wondering if we should do this or not. any input would be appreciated.
    Donna B

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    Default All Boats are not the Same

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I can't speak specifically to the boat you'll be on, but I have taken a similar-sized small boat out into Resurrection Bay (south of Seward) and had a great time. On the other hand, I fell off a horse about a year ago and have been subject to vertigo and motion sickness since, so I sympathize. I think part of your problem with the glass bottom boat was that you were sending your brain conflicting visual and vertebral signals on which way was up. This should not be a problem on a boat where you're focused on the horizon and what your eyes and ears are telling you about direction agree. If you've only had this one bout of motion sickness, then I wouldn't be too worried, but it is better to be prepared, just in case. There are several over-the-counter medications that you can use in the event that you do suffer a recurrence. The one I use is meclizine, but this can (and does in my case) cause drowsiness. Still, it will settle you down quickly and perhaps a short nap will be just what you need if you have to take it. But really, if your only episode was the one you describe, I wouldn't be too worried


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    Default thanks for the info!!

    Hi AZ,
    Thanks for your info. The boat holds 20 passengers so it is not the biggest and the tour manager told us she could get the captain to change us over to the big boat if the weather was rough that day. I will ask my dr to prescribe some Meclizine just in case, hope it works fast! It is supposed to be a 9 hour cruise. About 8 other people got sick along with me in Key West, it was those big rollers, I was nauseated before I even went to look thru the glass bottom, boy do crew members get out of your way fast when you have "that look"!!! LOL!! When I saw your recommendation for this company I clicked right on and we are happy with what they have laid out for us and the freedom to be independent but have someone to call and fall back on if we hit any snags etc. thanks again!
    Donna B

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    Default The secrets in the wrist?

    I have a couple friends who have severe motion sickness, who even get sick riding in the car, who swear by these wristband-type aids. I'm sure there are other brands out there, too. You might try these in combination with the medication.

    I usually never get sick on boats or rides so it surprised me about 10 years ago when I got seasick while out fishing. First and last time it's happened to me. Why did it happen just that one time? I have no idea. But that fact it only happened to me once might reassure you a bit? Maybe it won't happen to you this time either.

    I'll share what one of the crew members told me when this happened. He said that the trick is where you train your eyes. If you are letting your eyes focus on the movement of the boat and the surrounding water instead of a fixed point, that this will make you sick. So fixing your eyes on non-moving items like something inside the boat itself or a point of land helps. I did that and it made a world of difference. I started feeling better almost immediately and the rest of the trip I was fine as long as I stayed focused on fixed items.

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    Default Good tip

    I remember bobbing up and down whilst crossing the Irish Sea in a huge gail. I felt absolutely awful out on deck and near the windows but I remember going down to the cabin and lying down and sleeping like a baby. Guess that is why!! It's something that'll come in handy on my own trip along the Inside Passage.

    With regard to glass bottom boats you often find that their construction can be quite different to 'traditional' boats so they obviously handle the weather differently. It could be that you were ill on the glass boat but will be absolutely fine on the more traditional boat. I hope so! Do tell us more about your trip - Alaska is (understandably) one of those areas which we do not cover often so it's always interesting to learn more.

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    Default similar ride

    A little less than a year we took this ferry ride with Major Marine tours.
    I generally do not get seasick. But that day, I did.
    It was rather a cold day. Once I froze my hands off taking some snap shots, I was forced to get into the heated interiors. It was then I got to see the rest of the boat was sea-sick. The smell was enough! I had to spend the whole trip outside near the deck. While it was fun, it was freezing! I don't mean to scare you here.

    I remember the "Gulf of Alaska" had rougher seas as compared to the bay, but you won't be there for long. And again, nothing is constant in Alaska, be it the land or the sea. For the most part, I think you should be okay, but since it is going to be a long day, you would be better off with some Plan B's and C's just in case you fall sick.

    It is going to be a long day, but seldom boring. You have something passing by your way. If not the Orca pods, Dolphins, Porpoises, the lonesome humpback, or an occasional black bear, you will definitely see these cute little creatures - Puffins. Love the way they fly :-)

    Your trip certainly refreshed my memory.
    I am sure you are going to get back to land with a lot of great memories.
    Happy Planning!

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    keep in mind that when are stopped and looking at birds, seals ( which you are 99% certain to see) and such on rocks you will often bob up and down a lot. for a long boat trip bring everything you can think of that might help and warm clothes. The Prince William Sound has a ton of weather most of bad. the boat tours out of Seward are great and worth while.

    I used a Scopalmine patch that worked great.

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