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    A (female) friend and I are coming over from England to America for a two week holiday in June. We are mainly focusing on Las Vegas and probably LA, but she is a massive Elvis fan and so obviously wants to visit Memphis.

    My question is - what would be the most scenic (and safest) way to get from Memphis to Las Vegas? Is it to go through Oklahoma or down and through Texas? If it would be a great road trip with lots to see then we would probably miss out going to LA, but if it was not then would fly straight to Las Vegas instead.

    What do people think?

    Many thanks, Lisa

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Given the time and the choice, I'm always going to drive where I can enjoy discovering things along the way. But I'm not making this trip, and I don't know what your priorities are.

    If you want to explore the vastness of the US, then I'd certainly recommend driving. The direct route basically follows I-40, goes near a number of national parks and follows the path of Historic Route 66 for much of the trip. It is a 3 day trip one way, but you'll want to add at least a day or two if you plan to stop at the Grand Canyon and take time to explore the other things that are along the way.

    If you simply want to focus on LA, Vegas, and Memphis, then Flying would be the way to go. When you've only got 2 weeks, you have to make choices, and if seeing cities is your top priority, then I'd look at plane tickets.

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