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    Default Moab to Colorado Springs

    Me and my stepfather are driving out to Moab March 23-March 28. We're going to enjoy our time there mountain biking and sight-seeing with our nights consumed by NCAA basketball Thursday and Friday. We want to have a very scenic drive from Moab to Colorado Springs on our way back to Indianapolis. What route would be best? He has a Dodge Caliber.


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    Default Pretty hard to beat US-50 and US-24

    Quote Originally Posted by butlerguy03 View Post
    We want to have a very scenic drive from Moab to Colorado Springs on our way back to Indianapolis.
    Nice to hear from you again. If all of the passes are open US-50 to US-24 is a gorgeous route. Some of the smaller roads in between are still closed.


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    Default What he said


    US 50 to US 285 to US 24 is spec-TAC-ular.



    PS- I just noticed your screen name. I hope your guys make a run in the next few weeks. It's been a long and lousy college basketball season for NC State fans, so this particular one is looking for a non-Duke, non-UNC team to follow.

    PSS- You are aware of the national Jeep owners rally at Moab during/around Easter, aren't you? As early as Easter is this year, perhaps it's later, but be advised of the possibility of hundreds and hundreds of Jeepers being out there. Not that there's anything wrong with that.............

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    Default Thanks for the responses.

    Thanks for the responses! I will try the US-50, US-24 route. Are there any particular websites we can check the day before we leave to make sure all roads are open?

    I think the Jeep guys leave the weekend that we arrive...which is Easter weekend.

    Thanks for rooting on my Bulldogs. I believe that if anyone took a good look at Butler basketball, they would be fans. We are the only school in the nation with two all-academic all-americans. And we actually have Seniors! I wish NC State all the luck, I grew up disliking UNC & Duke!

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    Default Colorado DOT


    The Colorado DOT has an array of webcams and conditions reports. I distinctly recall a webcam where US 50 crosses the crest of the Rockies at Monarch Pass. Colorado DOT and their cams is easily Googled.


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