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    Default KC to Colorado Springs, Mar 28 weekend

    The choice is between our 4WD Dodge Durango and our 2007 MINI Cooper S. The MINI has all-seasons; the Durango M+S all-terrain tires...

    Take the hit on gas ($120 savings and much more fun to drive the MINI in the mountains if it's not weather-ridden) to increase my safety factor? The Durango handles like a champ in the snow and slush bits... the MINI can turn into a snow-plow in anything over a few inches, but it does have lots of fancy electronic stability control features that handle great in ice.

    Will it still be snowing in the region then?

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    Default play it by ear

    I'd say the odds would favor clear conditions, but you couldn't totally rule out snow at this point. More than likely, I think you'd be seeing above freezing temps, but weather is a fickle thing, especially this year, so I'd plan on taking the mini, but check the forecast before your departure and switch to the truck if things look problematic.

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