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    Default Any suggestions Alaska to Lower 48

    Originally Posted by Alaska Girl in the Blog section
    My boyfriend and I want to check out some new places to potentially move to in Colorado, Southern Utah area. We are driving from Anchorage Alaska and planning on leaving June 1 and taking about 2 months to do this trip.

    Neither of us has ever driven this far on a road trip and aren't sure about all of the details. We would love some advice/tips from experienced road trippers. We are planning on camping quite a bit through Canada. We are thinking of taking about 5-7 days to reach Seattle.

    From there we want to shoot down the west coast and see some family, then head over to Las Vegas, Northern Arizona, and then of course hit Utah and Colorado. Anyone reccomend any must see places. All of the canyons are already on our list. Any advice would be helpful

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    Default Sounds like a fun adventure!

    I have always wanted to drive to Alaska so the drive FROM Alaska shoud be equally exciting! Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums.

    You have plenty of time for this trip so you should be able to explore a fair amount along the way. You might get some tips from this discussion. It would be a shame to "shoot down" the coast because there's so much to see along here.

    For the trip to Seattle and back to Alaska, you really can't do better than getting a copy of The Mile Post.

  3. Default Driving Down

    We just drove from Juneau to Florida a few months back. It took us 4 days to get to Bellingham via Alaska Highway.

    If you are taking the Alaska Highway, don't forget to pass by the "Signpost Forest". From what I remember, it is in Watson City or near it. I would recommend bringing a sign post and something to hang it with so that you can commemorate your trip down by adding your sign with the thousands of signs already hanging there. That is our one regret...that we did not get to post our sign in the forest (we promised ourselves we'll return to do that).

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