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  1. Default Wedding in Yuma - roadtrip ideas?

    Hi guys

    Myself and my husband are going to a friend's wedding in Yuma, Arizona and thought whilst we are flying all the way from Manchester, UK we may as well try to squeeze a bit of a roadtrip in.

    We only have 2 weeks and were thinking of flying to LA then hiring a car to travel to Yuma.

    We have been looking at the following -

    LA to San Diego
    San Diego to Yuma
    Yuma to Las Vegas
    Las Vegas to LA

    Is this doable and what time scales would you suggest for each place (we want to see the Grand Cayon as well if poss whilst in LV). Also how far or how long a drive is it from Yuma to Las Vegas?


    Vicki, Manchester, England
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Two weeks is actually plenty of time to at least poke around that corner of the country. How much time to spend in each place is entirely up to you. My personal preferences would lean more towards San Diego and National Parks, than Las Vegas and Los Angeles. But then I'm currently planning on taking my grandsons to Los Angeles for a week in July, and my wife and daughter had no trouble whatsoever finding 10 days of stuff just for the two of them to do. If you want to see the Grand Canyon, then I'd go there from Yuma (with maybe a side trip to Lake Havasu City to see the displaced London Bridge) taking a full day to cover the drive and making use of scenic roads like AZ-89A through Oak Creek Canyon and stopping at unique towns like Prescott, Jerome and Sedona. Pull up that evening in Flagstaff and then spend as much time at the Canyon as you like, keeping in mind that it's a good half-day's drive from the Canyon to Las Vegas. To get much more detailed than that, I'd have to know what you and your husband were looking for in the way of attractions.


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    Looking to see proper America i.e. history, culture and landscape beauty. Not overly fussed about big cities like Las Vegas just chose them because they are the main places we have heard off!

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    Here are a few stops that you should enjoy: In San Diego, Balboa Park; In Yuma the Territorial Prison; On the way to the Grand Canyon, Jerome, Tuzigoot, Sedona, and Oak Creek Canyon; While at the Grand Canyon, Walnut Canyon, and the Museum of Northern Arizona; Returning to Los Angeles, the Mojave National Preserve.


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    Thanks for the tips, we have come up with the below plan of where to stay over and explore from these places as a hotel base. Please tell me what u think and what roads are best for seeing the most of the america whilst we travel-

    Fly from Manchester to San Diego
    Night 1 - San Diego
    Night 2 - LA
    Night 3 - Palm Springs
    Night 4 - Lake Havasu City
    Night 5 - Boulder City
    Night 6 – Boulder City
    Night 7 – Flagstaff
    Night 8 - Flagstaff
    Night 9, 10 and 11 – Yuma

  6. Default Random suggestions...

    For some random suggestions on your route, for things to do or see..

    Night 1 - San Diego

    Your're probably going to be jetlagged a bit this night. I'd suggest getting out and seeing a little sun or moonlight, since that helps getting your internal clock back in synch, but not trying to do too much. Depending upon where you are staying you might have dinner either in the GasLamp section of town (lots of small restaurants and stores), or along the embaracado on the waterfront -- Antonio's on the waterfront is nice, as its next to the nautical museum, near the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier (now a musuem), and is right near where all the cruise ships come in.

    Night 2 - LA

    What do you want to see in LA? The reason I ask, is LA is about 2 hours across in its metropolitan area. There are lots of things to see over an area of hundreds of square miles. That's going to determine you want to stay I think. It'ls only about 2-3 hours from San Diego to LA, depending upon traffic.

    Night 3 - Palm Springs

    LA to PS is also only about 2-3 hours. This means you can stop along the way and do more sightseeing, or do more in the desert area. The easiest routes from LA to PS are via the superhighways -- there are basically 3 that head out of LA and east to Palm Springs (funnelling down to one route after about 60 miles or so along the way). One of the more interesting things to do in Palm Springs is to ride the tram up to the top of Mt San Jacinto. That can put you in the snow from the warmth of the desert. There used to be an OK restaurant at the top of the tram where you could eat and watch the lights of the desert come on, before taking the tram back down the mountain in the dark.

    Night 4 - Lake Havasu City

    Probably the most interesting way to get to Lak Havasu is to go north from Palm Springs, and then do the loop through Joshua Tree National Park from the west entrance to the east entrance. If you go to Desert View, you'll look over the desert down to the Salton Sea. From Joshua Tree, I'd gas up in 29 Palms and head east through Granite Pass to Vidal Junction, cross over the Colorado River at the Parker Dam, and then north to Lake Havasu. The should be in good shape, but its not a heavily travelled route. Not many services along it -- so bring a picnic lunch and some extra water and a cell phone just in case, and make sure to gas up in 29 Palms. You'l be going through some craggy and desolate areas, including some old 60 or 70 year old ghost towns, if you look sharp. In some cases, there isn't much left of them except old cement pads in the desert.

    Night 5 - Boulder City

    From Lake Havasu, you can pretty much head north along the Colorado River to Boulder City. You might make the detour to Oatman, an old mining town on old Route 66.

    Night 7 – Flagstaff
    If you're spending 2 nights in Flagstaff, you might consider trading one of them for a night on the Rim of the Grand Canyon. Well worth it. From the Grand Canyon to Flagstaff the most scenic route is to take the Rim Road along south edge, and then down to come out on 89 (?) a bit south of Cameron. You can do a detour through Wupatki (old Indian Ruins) and Sunset Crater National Monuments to arrive at Flagstaff. From Flagstaff you could venture as far east in a day to return, from Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Monument (a couple of 2-3 hours drive from Flagstaff) or go south to the artists community of Sedona in the Red Rock country an hour or so below Flagstaff.

    Night 9, 10 and 11 – Yuma

    The route to Yuma has a couple of options. One route is to go south through the mountains via Prescott and Jerome, and then probably south west and south via Quartzite to Yuma. The other would be to go south via Phoenix to Tucson, and then after a lightning visit to Saguaro National Park to head west to Yuma via Kitt Peak, Organ Pipe National Monument and Ajo.

    That might be pushing it in a day -- depending upon what your tastes are, you might do a night at the Grand Canyon, then a day south via Wupatki, Sunset Crater, and Sedona to spend the night somewhere between Phoneix or Tucson. And then with a relatively early start, you could visit Saguaro National Park (west branch), and do the southern drive past Kitt Peak, and on past Ajo (the huge abandoned mine pit is impressive...) and up and west to Yuma.

    In the Yuma area, you'll probably be too busy with the weddingi to do much sightseeing, but you do need to visit the Yuma Dunes, and perhaps look for a piece of the old Plank Road acorss the dunes, about an hour west of Yuma.

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    thats great stuff thanks for that.

    In LA just wanted to go for the sake of it really - see Hollywood etc. Is it really difficult driving round there? If it is think we may well give it a miss. I'm just a bit worried bout how we will cope parking etc and one way systems!

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    Default LA Traffic

    In my experience, it's fairly congested but it's generally worth it in order to see all that place has to offer.

    You might get some good tips from another post by Larrison focusing on the LA area.

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