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    My boyfriend and I are planning a weekend Yosemite Trip in September (after labor day weekend) with a group of friends and need help! We'll probably have 15-30 people. We've never been to Yosemite and have done some research and looks like the Lower Pines Site will be the site we'll reserve, 2 camp sites. We are from southern california and the drive would take us 5-6 hours? We'd leave Friday early morning, 2 nights/3 days. Any advices and/or tips are extremely appreciated! Thank you!

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    Default What a fun trip!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    5-6 hours might be about right but it's hard to say for sure since you don't say what part of SoCal you're from. That's about right from LA if, and I suppose that's a big IF, you don't get caught up in commuter traffic.

    I'm sorry I have no personal experience with Yosemite to offer you any tips. I'm sure someone will pop in here later who can be more helpful. In the meantime, you might check out the tips here and here. I hope these have enough tips to at least get you started.

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    Default book early!

    hi there,it's well worth booking at the earliest possible date,especially as you are a large group. although the water falls will be dry this time of year the valley floor is still spectacular and easy to get around either by cycle routes or the free shuttle bus system that'll take you around to the trial heads.
    i would allow time to visit the high ground,glacier point is a spectacular view of the valley floor below and the surrounding mountains.there are also short hikes on the way up,one being to taft point.
    the tioga pass is up the other side of the valley,again with spectacular views and you could easily spend a day along there.
    this linkshould help along with nps info site
    have a great time it's a magnificient place!

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    I'm planning on spending a week in Yosemite next September after going to Monterey again, and I'll be staying at June Lake. I absolutely loved it when I passed by through Tioga Pass on last year's road trip, I want to see more of it. =)

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