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    I'm planning to do a road trip in Colorado this June, for about two weeks. My sister has lived there for one year now as an exchange student, and we would both love to explore the state a bit more :) I have never been in the States so this is a good place to start i guess since she knows the region... I'm 20 and she's 18, so we're looking for things suitable for our age. We're starting the trip from Denver and are heading back there at the end. So I'm asking if you knew any places to go, attractions, events, things to do and places to sleep. For affordable price of course, we're students! Has anyone done a roadtrip in Colorado? We would love to hear the best and the worst from your trips! And is it possible for me to rent a car even though i'm 20years but i'm not U.S. citizen? I know hiking is a big thing over there but we're not thaaat into hiking, maybe few days or parks would be just fine.
    Thank you already, I'm looking forward to plan our road trip.

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    Colorado is a great place to do a roadtrip, because you could simply drive around for a few days and just take in the majesty of the Rockies. There are large sections of National Forest and other Public land throughout the state which can be a great way just to get away from people and into nature.

    Of course, there are also a whole boatload of parks and other attractions. In no particular order, Rocky Mountain National Park, Pikes Peak, Glenwood Springs/Glenwood Canyon, Dinosaur National Monument, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Great Sand Dunes NP, Mesa Verde. And those are just in Colorado, you could also dip into Utah or New Mexico and have even more things to take into a trip. With any of those things, hiking would be an option, but not required to enjoy the sights.

    Now there is a problem, at age 20, renting a car will be virtually impossible, regardless of your citizenship. Its not an easy thing to overcome, but perhaps you sister could find some option being an exchange student.

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