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  1. Default Harley ride from Virginia Beach to Vancover

    Hey everyone,
    I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan with the 173rd Airborne, My Father, Brother and I are planing on a harley trip across country on our harleys when I get back to the states for my 30 days of leave.

    There are a few things would would like to see, Yellow stone park and Mount Rushmore. We well be traveling around Augest and were trying not to stay on the major highways.

    Now if anyone has any great places to stay, good routes to take or cool things to see it just let me know

    SPC Ganzer
    1-503rd Legion Co 2nd Plt Infantry (Airborne)

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    Default So you have a hardcore Harley family! What fun!!

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums! And let me thank you for your service. Glad you'll be getting a nice break soon.

    I'm assuming this is a roundtrip? Gotta get that Harley home, right? In a car, we typically recommend that people plan 5 days to drive coast-to-coast. However, I'm under the impression that it's harder to put in those long hours on a motorcycle so it's possible you'll need a day or so more to do this (and if I'm mistaken, sorry). If we figure 10 days for each crossing, that gives you 20 days to play. Wonderful...

    A state that has a surprising number of wonderful things to see is South Dakota. And to learn about it, you can't do much better than reading this report by Peter Thody. Peter also shared about his trip to Idaho so you'll definitely find some gems there.

    You might also get some good tips from this post about a roadtrip from North Carolina to Montana. And if you're at all interested in ghost towns, this report about Montana ghost towns is full of fun ideas.

    If you would like some specific recommendations, it would help if you shared the types of things you're looking for. What kinds of places are great places to stay, etc.? Help us help you better.

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