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  1. Default Connecticut to California this!

    I am an 18 guy traveling with 3 of his friends from Manchester Connecticut to Las Angeles California. A friend of mine made a $100 bet a while back with the 4 of us traveling that we would never drive to California. We want to prove him wrong and take his money. This is the big summer before we all head to Colleges across the country so that means the last chane to do least for a while. So what i'm asking for is any advice you could give me about making this trip. Please and Thankyou.


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    Default Spend a dollar to win a penny?

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I guess there is nothing like a bet for motivation, as long as you understand you're going to likely be spending a couple thousand dollars to "win" that one hundred.

    Otherwise, I don't think we know enough about you or your trip to start giving specific advice. You might want to tell us about your interests, budget, timeframe, etc.

    Or just look around, this entire site is filled with ideas to help you plan a cross country trip.

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    Default Yes, we need more info to help you well

    But here's a few basics -

    It takes about 5 days to drive coast-to-coast so you'll need a minimum of 10 days to make this trip. More if you actually want to explore a bit along the way and spend some time in CA before you return home.

    Here are some ideas to help you plan your budget.

    If you need anymore help, let us know. Have fun collecting on your bet.

  4. Default The info you need to help!

    Thank you for the quick responses.

    We plan to leave CT sometime between the end of june-mid july. We want to make it from CT to LA then back to CT. We have 3 weeks - possibly a month to do so. One of my friends that is coming with us used to live in LA. His parents split and moved to CT with his mother during his middle school years. Iv'e been out to LA with him once (flying) to visit his dad, and I had a blast. So once we get there his dad will allow us to stay with him and just hang out at his place. In LA, we plan to do as much as we possibly can. As for our budget, we all have somewhat good paying jobs and have about 5 months to save, therefore we should be all set money wise (hopefully). My friend that lived down there will be able to give us a good estimate on prices and a good itinerary while we are down there seeing as he lived there most of his life. So once we make it to LA, we should be A-OK!

    On the other hand, we are very curious on how the car ride will be. We are all easy going guys and we can get along. We will easily be able to keep ourselves occupied seeing as we all love music and have thousands and thousands of songs to listen to along with portable dvd players and what-not. The farthest I have driven was to Buffalo NY to see the Patriots play the Bills last year and that was only 6 hours or so. But how much money are we looking to spend on the road? We want to do a little site seeing in places like Vegas, Colorado, and maybe Arizona, but that's really not that important if we dont do that. There will be 4 of us driving so i wouldn't think we would need a hotel, maybe only for 1 night? Gas prices are getting extremely high as of lately and will probably go up more for summer so we realize we will be spending LOTS of money on that. For food, i'm sure we will stop at rest stops and things like that. But other than that, we have no idea money wise how much we are looking to spend on the road.

    Anything you have to say that could help us out at all we would love to hear and would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you very much.


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    Default You have lots of planning to do

    You have a lot of budget questions. In my previous post, I linked to a post with very specific steps you can work through to get a handle on your budget. Start with that. It will ask you questions to help you figure4 out your lodging, food, and fuel expenses, and to consider the additional expenses you'll probably have. If you have any questions or if you want us to review your budget to give you an idea of whether or not it's realistic, please post it and we'll be glad to oblige.

    There will be 4 of us driving so i wouldn't think we would need a hotel, maybe only for 1 night?
    It is a good 5 days drive. You will NOT be able to drive this virtually non-stop by switching out drivers. Get that idea out of your head. I don't care how young and energetic you are. If you decide to do that, please post your route and description of your car so we can all avoid those roads during your trip to keep ourselves safe. Seriously, driving at that pace is a recipe for disaster. Please read about save driving distances in one day and how to do a speed run safely. And please sleep somewhere every night, preferably not in your car. Camping is inexpensive and might be a good option.

    For food, i'm sure we will stop at rest stops and things like that.
    Consider eating cheaper and healthier out of a cooler.

    To make sure you and your friends are all on the same wave-length, check out our compatibility quiz and for other tips, you might read this article.

    Part of a good roadtrip is doing a bit of planning. So read up and do some work on this. And come on back here with more questions. Happy planning.

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