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  1. Default Detroit to Seattle semi-speed run with a cargo trailer

    Hi all,

    I'm taking a job transfer and am trying to plan my move. I'll be towing a 7'x16' enclosed trailer with a truck and plan on heading out March 17th or 18th.

    I'm not sure what kind of weather to expect for this time of year going through the mountains and was wondering what would be the best route?

    Should I head slightly south and take the I-80 all the way to Salt Lake, then venture north on I-84/82/90....OR, just take the I-94/I-90 route that Google suggests?

    Looking at terrain maps, I'm guessing the I-80 route would be more economical (fuel wise), but I could be wrong since I don't know what the effects of elevation will have on my V6. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh, and 3 or 4 days, doesn't really matter to me. I was thinking 12hours of road travel per day which might get me there in 3.


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    Default Either One, But Be Realistic

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    The I-90/I-94 route and the I-80/I-84 are both about 2400 miles which means that if you do twelve hour days (including fuel, meal and rest stops) you might make it in 4 days. There is exactly NO chance that you can pull off 3 successive 800 mile days pulling a trailer. So put off a final decision on which way to go until you're a couple of days (at most) from departure and can see what the weather forecast looks like. Then pick on the basis of which route is going to give you the least problem in that regard. Otherwise, the northern route is a shade shorter. Today's cars are so computer driven that they automatically adjust for the lower air density at altitude and you probably won't notice any great difference on that score.


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    Default Be aware of fatigue

    Driving those long hours, especially towing a trailer, are going to zap you. Even professional truckers get fatigued at that kind of pace over a period of days. I hope you're not planning on arriving in Seattle the night of the 4th day and going to work the next morning. (I agree with AZBuck. No way you're making this trip in 3 days.)

    I encourage you to find a way to give yourself a bit more time, at least one day, so you don't start your new job exhausted. Also, just in case bad weather sweeps in....and this winter has been so odd that this is more likely this year than most might need a layover along the way. You also might simply find that road conditions don't allow you to cover the miles you would normally cover if you need to drive slower due to heavy rains, ice, etc.

    Anyway, please do your best to plan more time for this so you don't make a mistake due to speed, fatigue, etc. that could endanger you or others.

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