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    Default Driving from New York to Los Angeles - Help!

    Hi guys,

    Myself and two of my friends are planning a road trip for July 2009 - I know this a long way away but due to work commitments, this is the only tiime we can take a month or so away.

    We are planning to fly into New York from London and stay there for a few nights then pick up a hire car and travel across the states, taking around 21 days to get across and then finally spending a week or so exploring all of LA.

    The stops we have planned to make are Washington DC, Nashville, Memphis, Austin, Dallas, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Las Vegas and finally arriving in Los Angeles (We are spending time in Austin as my friend has family there). Obviously if we are tired, want to stop etc, we will do so in between and stay in motels but my question was is this route doable and is it the best route? As this is going to be a big trip for us girls, I want to make sure we are taking the best route as we are really not sure! We know we want to visit Nashville, Memphis, Austin and Las Vegas for sure but the other places just seemed to be on route so we figured we would stop there...

    Also, after reading loads of comments on this forum, we have asked to provide us with a rough idea of costs as they seem the most competitive, but are motels easy to find? Do we need to book these before we go? How much money would be a realistic figure to fund this trip (we were thinking £3,500 each $7000)?

    I also wanted to say that we want to party in some of the major cities and wanted to know the best cities to do this in (apart from New York and LA) in order that we can try work out the length of time to stay in each city (roughly).

    Sorry to go on but we really want to plan this trip now so we know what we are doing (due to work).

    Any comments would be appreciated

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    Default You're Already Off to a Good Start

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You've clearly done your homework and are in much farther along in your planning process than a lot of first time posters, so give yourselves a solid pat on the back. Three weeks is plenty of time to cross the country and see a lot on the way. It can be done in as little as a 5 days of just driving, so you'll have lots of time to get off the road and party. We actually usually advise people to lay out the places they want to go and just connect the dots, which is what you seem to have done, and a good general plan for a cross country trip between New York and Los Angeles is to first come down the Appalachians, then across the south and southwest to California, again - just what you've done. Nashville Memphis and Austin all have vibrant music scenes; Las Vegas is a non-stop party; Washington is the site of many monuments and some of the best museums in the world. I'd plan to spend time in each of them. You don't have to make and stick to a precise schedule as motels are very easy to find anywhere in or around large cities or along the Interstates (motorways). Your budget is quite ample to cover everything, including the car hire. I'm assuming that the airfare is separate, but even if not, you should be fine as long as you each have on the order of £2000 ($4000) after the airfares and car hire are taken care of. The one thing to be aware of is that there is generally a $300-400 charge for picking up a car in one city and leaving it in another, but this will vary from company to company. Also if any of the drivers is under 24, you can expect to pay $25-40 per driver per day for them to be on the rental agreement. So, as I say, you've got a great beginning and plenty of time to work out the details. You really are well ahead of the curve on this.


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    Default Ny To La Car Hire - Help Please!

    Hiya guys,

    Does anyone, who has driven across from New York to Los Angeles, recommend a car hire company?

    Myself and two friends (over 24) are planning to take a month out and drive across to LA so we will need a car for a month.

    Some of the car hire places I have looked at on the net have resonable drop off fees of around $199 but they say you have to leave a CASH deposit of $1000 - can we not just leave them our credit card details? And is this normal in the States?

    Does anyone also know which is the best company to go through?

    Any advice/info would be much appreciated!


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    Default never heard of that one

    I don't know that I've ever heard of a company requiring that kind of cash deposit. The only situation I could think of is if you were using a debit card or didn't have a credit card.

    Credit Card deposits are the norm in the US. a $200 drop off fee also sounds pretty low, so I think this may be a case where your instincts are right when they are telling you that something doesn't seem quite right here.

    Is this a major car rental company that you are dealing with? I don't have any strong preferences, but I think going with one of the major ones (Hertz, Budget, Avis, National, Dollar, etc) would be your best bet.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    The one I was looking at with the $199 drop off fee was National... just looked on the internet to be honest as someone else on this forum mentioned them. But to be honest with you, I have contacted a company in the UK called Trailfinder who book everything for you (at a bit more expense I would guess) and they have come up with a very resonable cost for flight and car hire for the month so to be honest, I may even get them to do all the work for me as I want to make sure the company we hire from is realiable etc.

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