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    Hi! We are two couples in our 20s going on a three week road trip from October 11th. We'll be flying in and out of San Francisco and sort of planned doing a little loop. October is far away, but we want to start planning now to ensure we get the best trip possible. We are all Norwegians, so a road trip in the states are unfortunatly not something we get to do too often.

    Anyways.... We want to see Death Valley, Vegas, Grand Canyon, L.A. and San Francisco, but are not sure what other places to choose. Maybe some of you could recommend some stops?

    We would love to have at least one stop in a really typical small town, not touristy at all.

    And we are all huge music lovers if somebody knows somewhere that has some cool music history etc.

    ...and if anybody knows what the weather is like? (I have of course checked etc, but it's alwyas nice to get some real-life experiences...)

    Thank you! :)

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    That particular set of destinations has been much discussed within these forums, so be sure to read through those posts as well as any "Similar Threads" linked to at the bottom of this page. Three weeks is enough time to see the places you've listed and you'll also have time to visit a few of the lesser known sites around the Grand Canyon and some of the less visited National Parks such as the Mojave National Preserve, Joshua Tree National Park, and Carrizo Plain National Monument.

    As far as music goes, there will be plenty of live music opportunities in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles, and Los Angeles is probably considered the center of todays pop music industry, but if you want music history, then San Francisco is your place. I don't know of any museums or organized tours, but San Francisco was certainly instrumental in the development of psychedelic rock back in the summer of love days.

    October is actually my favorite time to travel in most of the United States, The weather will vary throughout your trip, but in general you can expect cool days and crisp nights and you'll be just at the tail end of the summer dry season on the coast.


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    Sounds great! I am sure you can find at least one old-style small town if you drive to the places you have listed. There are several in Nevada and Arizona that you may drive through anyway.

    Driving between San Francisco and LA is much more scenic and takes you through more interesting coastal towns if you drive on the CA-1 and US-101 highways, but it will take almost twice as long than if you take Interstate 5 (much faster, not very scenic) through the more agricultural, central part of California.

    I also recommend staying in a hotel near teh SFO airport when you are in San Francisco. There are a few 4-star hotels that can be had for $90 - $120 per night as well as cheaper motels that run about $50-$60. All of these are a quick drive up the 101 freeway to all of the main attractions, and are less than half the cost of most downtown SF hotels. Be sure to check out the Fisherman's Wharf area.

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