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    Hey my friends and I want to plan a road trip for what would be our beach week after graduation. But we haven't really come up with anything good yet. If anyone could tell us anything that would be a good trip, or anything that would be a good destination to head towards that would be great. Plus it would maybe be a max of a 5 day road trip or even less. Thanks

    i forgot to say we start out from Richmond, VA
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    Five days would allow you a decent round trip of about 2500 miles, but I would recommend a shorter trip unless you just want to spend all of your time driving to different places.

    What are the kinds of things that you are interested in?
    You are very close to one of my favorite areas, the Shenandoah Valley area as well as Kentucky. Driving through those areas I always manage to find interesting roads and interesting places to see.

    You could also head up to New England, South to Florida, or into some of the Midwest.

    How much do you have budgeted for the trip?
    How many of you will be going? You and your friends will want to take our compatibility quiz to be sure your expectations are similar.

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