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    We're heading towards New Orleans for Spring Break this year -- never been there, can't wait! I'm starting to put together our things, and I wondered if other people know this tip:

    We all like books on tape for the car, and now that we can upload them to ipods, they're especially handy! However, whether you buy the DVDs or download them from the 'net, they're not cheap.

    The public library has a great selection of titles, and they'll cost you nothing. But if you're looking for one particular title that isn't available in your own library, don't forget about inter-library loan. You can fill out the forms at the circulation desk, and it might take a couple weeks (perhaps even longer if you're requesting a brand-new best seller or a rare title), but they'll find and borrow the book from another library. Assuming you ask early enough, in theory you can get any title from any library in America.

    I think that in today's consumer culture, people have sort of forgotten about nice little things like inter-library loan.

    Hope it's helpful!

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    I always hit the book stores during their big sales and get books for cheap. I also check out the sales bins at truck stops. You can often get books on tape for $7-$10. If my library had a good selection I'd probably hit it up, but ours doesn't really have a large selection. They're working on it, though. However, I'm always afraid I'll somehow lose or damage library materials and pay more than I would have otherwise.

    BTW - I lived in N.O. for four years and am a Louisiana native (still here - just a lot furthrer north). Let us know if you have any questions.


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    Default Good tip!

    If you are traveling where there are a lot of Cracker Barrels, you can also take advantage of their books-on-tape program which only ends up costing you $3.48 per week.

    I tend to enjoy my satellite radio these days....I could listen to the old radio classics all day, my current favorites are "Johnny Dollars, Insurance Investigator" and "The FBI Files". Corn at its best! Lux Radio Theatre is always good, too.

    When I'm on a roadtrip, I just can't focus to listen to books-on-tape. Too much new stuff to see and I tune out the story and miss stuff. But back when I used to have a one-hour commute to/from work, I listened to many books-on-tape to bide the time. The library is always a great resource!

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    Public libraries are great resources.

    If I may recommend a good book on tape (or book for that matter), Alan Alda's Things I learned while talking to myself is an excellent book.

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