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    Hey guys, just registered here a few minutes ago. Awesome place as i see so far. I searched up on my question and found some helpful information but am looking for me. Me and three friends are going to be jumping in a friends car and driving from our Northeast Pennsylvania homes and shoot over the northern Us to Seattle, then up through Canada towards Alaska to visit Anchorage/Fairbanks/Homer/Seward/and other surrounding areas. I was just wondering what tips or suggestions you can give me? Where should we check out while in Alaska, where should we check out along the northern Us, where should we check out through canada and the yukon areas? Thanks so much.

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    how much time do you have and what are your interests? When were you planning to go?


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    I am currently planning an Alaskan trip myself and have bookmarked the following threads which may offer you a little bit of insight into whats involved with getting around and seeing Alaska:

    Best time to visit Alaska?
    Alaska - Summer 2007 (2200 miles in the last frontier)
    An Alaskan Adventure
    From Colorado to Alaska...
    Alaska Roadtrip
    Early September trip to Alaska

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    Default Milepost

    The Milepost is the "bible" for people driving to Alaska. They do a new one every year. It's probably money well-spent to help you plan your trip.

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    Default Milepost

    Yeah, I have a copy here myself. In my case it wasn't that useful but it sure does feature a wealth of information. I would recommend picking up a copy.

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