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  1. Default Roadtrip in 2 weeks

    Howdy Guys and Gals, greetings from the big D :-)

    We just decided to take a roadtrip leaving Thursday in 2 weeks....It will be 3 of us driving a 2008 dodge charger rental....

    I figure flying to Albuquerque to pick up the car and cut 1000miles of the trip.

    So out trip will be something like this:

    Dallas to Albuquerque by plane (early morning)
    Albuquerque to Roswell (First day)
    Roswell to San Diego (night drive - shift sleeping)
    San Diego to LA pasific highway 5
    LA to Where the bonnie and clyde car is...
    Hoover Dam
    Wherever the car is to vegas (stay a couple of days of course)
    Area-51/ET highway and death trip
    Vegas to Grand Canyon....Utah...Or arizona side
    GC to Durango, CO for the steam train ride....
    and back to Albuquerque and back to Dallas

    I'd like some help with what to do on this trip....We all like "crazy" stuff and the 3'rd guy is flying here from Europe and has no clue about this trip. We would much rather hike in GC than gamble in Vegas. The 2 of us from Dallas spent years together in tents during service to uncle sam. Money is not really a subject but we want to make this trip for our European friend unforgettable. He is also a military guy, loved xfiles in the day goes canoing etc.

    Please help, we only have 2 weeks to plan....Only overnight drive with no hotel is the first night. I figure we will be so exited that we do the worst part of the trip the firast day....

    Any help is good help

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    Default starting off on the wrong foot

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You said you are leaving in two weeks, but you didn't say how much time you plan to be on the road.

    Your first day just sounds horrendous. I know you say its the only day you're going to do an overnight marathon drive, but I think you are setting yourself up to have a miserable trip by starting out on such a bad note.

    Step back and think about it: you're planning to get up early, deal with an airport, sit on an airplane while you fly to NM, get your baggage and rental car, drive 3-4 hours to Roswell, look around there, and then after all of that embark on an 850 mile, 15-16 hour trek to San Diego! And you want to do this all in one day without stopping to get some actual rest?

    Not only do I have serious doubts about your ability to do all of that safely, your just going to get your trip started by being exhausted to the point where you'll spend the rest of your trip simply trying to get caught up on sleep. I assure you, this kind of trip would be unforgettable for your european friend, but I don't think its the kind of memories you'd savor.

    Of course this problem is pretty easily solved. Instead of treking all the way to California that first day, enjoy your time in New Mexico. Since you enjoy hiking, perhaps you could squeeze a stop at White Sands National Monument in at the end of your day. Then get a room for the night in Alamagordo or Las Cruces and get some rest before making your trip across Arizona and into San Diego.

    If you have to sacrifice one day at one other location on this trip, I think you'll find that it will be worth it to avoid starting your trip with a major sleep deficit. And in actuality, since you'd most likely collapse in a heap once you got to SD under your original plan, I don't think you'd really lose much real usable time.
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    Default Bonnie and Clyde Car

    I didn't know that was out there. I guess I always thought it was over in Gibsland where they were killed. But I see that Gibsland has the one used for the movie. Huh. Learn something new every day.

    I agree with Michael, though. That is was too much to accomplish in one day. And I'm the idiot that drove from Shreveport to Indianapolis in one day, so if I think it's too much. It's too much. I'd definitely think about prioritizing. Is there a pressing need to go to California. It looks like most of your "must sees" are in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. I'd really think about cutting California out on this trip if it was me.

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    Default Bonnie and Clyde

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that one.

    If I remember, the car is at a Mall/Casino complex in Primm, Nevada right off I-15 just across the Nevada/California state line. That could be an easy, quick stop on your way from LA to Vegas.

  5. Default trip

    We are a little short on time ....Our flight leaves on a Thursday and back on Wednesday....It was the only time we could collect all 3 of us in the same timeframe. We did take a similar European trip 3700miles in 8 days a few years ago and we did sleep in the car on shifts a couple of nights and we did fine than. We are used to go on low ammounts of sleep:-) I was actually watching Guy Fiery yesterday in Diners, Drive ins and Dives and I got a sudden urge of Going to the Mad Greek if I can find it....It is supposed to be in death valley somewhere I think.

    Do you know anywhere else that would be worth visiting?

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