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    Default Most direct route from Vegas to Yosemite.

    Hello all,
    This is my first time on this forum, so be gentle with me! I know there are similar questions to this on the forum already, but I just canít find the exact info Iím looking for. We are hoping to travel from Las Vegas to Yosemite in one day this August. Bearing in mind the temperature, I think we are going to avoid Death Valley and take the most direct route. Can anyone describe or even post a link to the most direct route? I tried Google Earth, but it seems to send me through Death Valley. Also, I read that the drive is doable in under 8 hours, is this really feasible including petrol and food stops? Many thanks in advance for any replies.

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    Default Not as simple as it might seem

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The word "direct" could trip you up here a little, since direct and fastest aren't really the same thing. It also depends upon where in Yosemite National Parks you want to be.

    The most direct route basically runs through Death Valley, over to US-395 and enters Yosemite Park via Tioga Pass. You wouldn't have to go through Death Valley, you could bypass it, say by going up US-95 from Vegas and Cutting over to Big Pine via NV-266 and CA-168, but you wouldn't save much time and you'd still be driving through the desert.

    These routes would be the most direct, and could get you to the park gates within 8 hours, although I suspect you'd need a little more time to actually make it into Yosemite Valley, the heart of the park on the west side of the Sierra.

    If you just want to get to the Yosemite Valley via the fastest possible route, then You'd want to Leave Vegas heading south on I-15, cutting over from Barstow to Bakersfield on CA-58, and the up to Yosemite via CA-99 to Fresno. This is mostly a 4 lane route, until you get close to the park, and would be the fastest way to get to the Yosemite Valley from Vegas. That entire route could be done in about 8 hours, but personally, I'd take a little extra time and enjoy the views via Death Valley and Tioga Pass - even if you don't get out of your air conditioned car during some of that section.

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    Default hi and welcome

    to avoid death valley you can head north on hwy 95 to tonopah then hwy 6 to benton and onto the 120,using part of the 395 north before getting back on the 120 over the tioga pass into yosemite[a lovely scenic drive]at lee vining.this is aprox 7 hours driving with no breaks.
    i'm quite sure theres plenty of people driving across death valley that time of year,although,yes it does get extremely hot,it's a fascinating place and would be a shame to miss. i'm sure someone with local knowledge can advise you better on this.
    have a great trip!

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    Default Our favorite (non DV) route

    Quote Originally Posted by ncmc View Post
    Can anyone describe or even post a link to the most direct route?
    Here is the route, we prefer to take to Yosemite -- and this field report was done in August -- just like your trip.... After you reach US-395 you turn north up to CA-120 and then west into the park. You can do it in about 8 hours as Megan did in this field report. But like Michael mentioned, your actual time on the road is variable, depending upon how many times you stop and admire the views.


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    Default It'd be a shame

    It'd be a shame to miss out on Death Valley if you could find the time. It's really quite spectacular. I visited in September 2006 and I'm going back in August this year. You're correct in that its damn hot but its well worth a visit in my opinion. Its just a case of being sensible and not embarking on a ten mile hike under the midday sun!

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