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  1. Default Drive from Flagstaff - Moab

    This is our first visit to USA. We will fly into Flagstaff, and then drive, via the Grand Canyon to Moab.
    We will sleep one night in Flagstaff, 2 Nights in the GC Village, then drive to Moab, with an overnight "en route".

    Where is a nice "inbetween" stop between the Canyon Village and Moab?

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    Default hi there

    i guess an in between spot would put you in the middle of monument valley.
    i've not stayed there but this place seems to be very a popular choice for travellers.
    this place is to early to stop at for an overnight,[not far from desert view entrance]but you may want to browse around it's store and even have a bite to eat
    have a great trip!

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    You will fly into Flagstaff, but you'll first have to fly Phoenix. Why not hire a car in Phoenix and drive directly to GCNP? Gommy gave you an excellent address in between. Goulding's Lodge. Make your reservations far in advance. Other accomodation in Kayenta (most chain hotels) or in Mexican Hat. If Goulding's is booked I would prefer Mexican Hat. From MV you can make a not to long detour via Gooseneck SP, Moki Dugway, Muley Point and Natural Bridges NM to Blanding (ut261 and ut 95) Don't miss. Between MV and Mexican Hat stop at milemarker 13 for a classic photoshot.

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