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    Default LA-GC-Zion-Bryce-LV-Yosemite-SFO-LA

    I am planning a road trip with my wife and my parents sometime in spring.

    I have been going through several posts on this site and am having information overload right now.

    So am jumping right in with my proposed plan.

    May 24 Arrive at LA from Newark 10 am, get rental car and stay in LA
    May 25 LA to Grand Canyon South rim
    May 25 Grand Canyon
    May 27/28 Zion NP
    May 29 Bryce NP
    May 30/31 Las Vegas
    Jun 1 LV to Death Valley
    Jun 2/3/4 To Yosemite via tiago (hoping it is open)
    Jun 5/6 SFO
    Jun 7/8 SFO to LA (via costal highway)
    Jun 9 LA, fly back to Newark at 10 pm.

    I read there is lot to see in and around LA but I am planning on spending more time in NP than cities.

    I am planning to book everything before leaving so that i know where i am staying and prices are locked in.

    I don't want to spend time hunting for places not know where i will stay each night. Does this sound fine..

    Where to stop on June 1st to so that I can reach yosemite early next day (assuming Tiago pass is open or not)

    I myself have not done too much camping and think that requires lot of planning to fly and camp. Also my parents might not like it much after a tiring day.

    So was looking for some ideas for inexpensive lodging ideas for the national parks and in between LA/SFO

    Thanks for replying in advance !!!

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    hello there
    that looks like a very well laid out plan there,and in my opinion,time is much better pent in the parks. i can't help with lodgings i'm afraid as we visited a lot of these places in an r.v.[all of them wonderfull places to be] lee vining is a small town right on the tioga pass entrance next to mono lake.if you stay near here there is a diner called "woah nellies dellie" at the gas station on the junction of the 120 and 395,clean and basic but great grub.
    there is lodging available inside the parks,[more info at]but you would need to book as soon as possible,and although you will pay more of a premium,it saves travelling in and out and gives you more quality time.
    hope you have a great trip!

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    Default I tend to camp, too

    But I can still make a couple of suggestions.

    If you're going to stay near Bryce Canyon, the closest place to the park and a place with a lot of cool stuff going on as well is Ruby's.

    I've only stayed at the MGM-Grand and the Luxor when in Las Vegas. I prefer the Luxor. The pyramid shape, the sideways elevators, and the odd-shaped rooms are just very cool.

    I've never stayed there but a lot of people have recommended Furnace Creek Inn in Death Valley.

    At the South Rim/Grand Canyon, you can stay inside the park or just outside. This link will give you information on both.

    Hope this helps a bit!

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    Default thanks

    thanks for your reply gommy and judy... i will definitely look into your suggestions.

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    some good suggestions from judy,we loved rubys inn[most convenient for bryce]and furnace creek.[although i don't know about accomodations]also for zion it would be best to look for accomodations in springdale,a cool little town on the doorstep of zion.there are free shuttle buses to take you into the canyon direct from here [the only way to get in the main part of the canyon is by shuttle]and it'll give you time of from driving.
    one thought that you may or may not of considered is that on your first day from L.A to G/C i would think your looking at a 10 hour drive and may want to consider stopping as close to G/C as poss and continuing the next morning.

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    Default an extra day

    There has been a slight change.. after finalizing plane bookings i find that now i have an extra day left.

    Wished to get an idea on one of following :
    a. spent it on one of existing places
    b. take a detour from LV-Death Valley-Sequoia NP-Yosemite detour
    c. Grand Canyon-Monument Valley-Arches-Bryce detour

    Which one do you think would be better utilization of extra day ??


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    both of those options are attractive but will put a lot of driving onto your itenary for one day. with an extra day i think it would make a stop between l/a and g/c even more viable. you could then maybe spend some time at the joshua tree park and/or mojave national reserve.the following day would allow you a bit more time and possibly drive along some of the original route'66 from kingman towards g/c. and have a look at some of the old towns and there "wacky" stores.

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    Spend an extra day in San Francisco or Los Angeles and stick to the route you've planned. Also, better visit Bryce before Zion.
    For lodging:
    Los Angeles: Try Orchid Suites or Celebrity Inn
    Grand Canyon: Best are the rim hotels: El Tovar, Kachina Lodge, Thunderbird lodge and Bright Angel Lodge. Maswik and Yavapai aren't bad either. If booked ( try Tusayan. No pools inside the NP.
    For Bryce: Try Bryce Canyon Lodge inside the park. If booked try Ruby's just outside the park. Bryce Canyon Lodge has no pool.
    For Zion: As mentioned, try Springdale. Maybe Desert Pearl Inn.
    For Las Vegas: Take your pick...
    For Death Valley: Furnace Creek Inn is expensive but a great place to stay. Unfortunately it's closed in june. Furnace Creek Ranch is another option. Like a little village. Best imo is Stovepipe Wells Village. Quiet location. Both hotels have a pool and restaurants. Reservations through
    Lee Vining. Great advice about food. The name actually is Whoa Nellie Deli but who cares. We stayed at the Best Western which just was good.
    Yosemite: Stay in the park. Can't tell you about it, we stayed at places like Oakhurst, Mariposa and Angels Camp but they are too far away imo.
    San Francisco: We stayed at Fisherman's Warf but forgot the name of the hotel
    Between SF and LA: Cambria Moonstone Beach, Morro bay: Blue Sail Inn, Pismo Beach: Kon Tiki Inn or BW Shore Cliff lodge.
    A detour through Arches will be very long and you'll need at least 1-2 days to see a bit around Moab. Maybe drive to Monument Valley from GCNP, stay the night. Drive to Page for Antelope Canyon and head for Bryce then.
    Happy planning.

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