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  1. Default Can someone advise / comment on my suggested route please

    I am planning on coming over from UK and want to drive from east to west and back again.
    My suggested route is as follows;

    Boston, Pittsburgh. Indianapolis, St Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Salt Lake City, San Fran, LA, Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, New Orleans, South and North Carlolina coastline, and back up to Boston

    Any comments are welcome.


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    Default on what?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Those are some very interesting places and this certainly could make for an interesting trip.

    However, Unless you tell us more about you and your trip, I'm not sure what else there is to say. Is there something you have a question about?

  3. Default Thanks for your reply

    It will be me and the Mrs and we plan to rent an RV. My question really was "does that seem an interesting route or am I barking mad" ie; am I missing out on better places to visit?
    Although I have listed major cities I might swerve round some of them as I am more interested in stopping off at small towns and visiting local bars, eating local food and chatting to the locals.

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    Default But isn't everything new interesting?

    Seriously, your route is fine. And there are 1000 other potential routes and they would all be fine, too. There is no one ultimate best route or ultimate list of better places to choose from Variables like time and your personal interests will make your route different than one somebody else chooses.

    You leave off some things that would be must-sees for me. But maybe not for you, and that's OK. If you want to give us a clearer idea of what you're interested in seeing, we might be able to give you some ideas.

    How many days do you have for this trip? As a general rule, you can figure 5 days to drive coast-to-coast. So that's 10 days, at least. I would actually figure 6 days each way when driving an RV, maybe even 7.

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    I will do some research as to what might be some interesting places of interest. The only things that I "have" to do is visit the Grand Canyon and lose some money in Vegas.
    I have as much time as I wish but plan to spend about 30 days.

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    Default Grand Canyon tops my list, too

    If you want to give us ideas of what you like to see....historic sites? Natural wonders? Museums? Cultural/Arts? Amusement parks? Anyway, that will help us give you some recommendations. Help us help you with more info. And you might also read through various threads here for other ideas.

  7. Default Further information

    Thanks for reply again.
    I am interested more in historic sites, natuaral wonders, scenery, lakes and waterways (maybe a bit of fishing), sunsets, wildlife etc. I also like visiting big cities AND one horse towns to share a beer with locals.

    I do not like Museums, Cultural/Arts or Amusement parks (except Vegas)!


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    Default Your destinations should give you all that and more

    You can't do much better than Boston and New Orleans for historic sites. But every city will have a bit of that, even Las Vegas which is a relatively new city. And you won't find a better guide to these sites than one written by one of our contributors "America's Living History".

    Of course, you will be going through big cities and small towns (I'm not sure one-horse towns still really exist, do they? LOL) along the way so I don't need to give you specific recommendations here. Just stop at any that look intrigueing.

    The National Geographic guides also have a lot of good info. They're one of my favorite guidebooks with lots of wonderful photos, too. They will definitely point you to natural wonders.

    Of course, doing some reading through the forums here and using the Search feature (green bar above) will also yield a wealth of information.

    Your route is just too big for me to think of any specifics right now. But any good map will show you national parks and monuments along your route. And while you're on the road, signs will point you toward national wildlife refuge viewing areas, lakes and other waterways. I don't know fishing...sorry.

    Remember, the planning is half the fun so Happy Planning! Once you get your route more fine-tuned, pelase come back with further questions and let us help you tweak things more to plan the best trip possible.

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