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    This is my first road trip and first time using this web site. What I plan to do is fly into Phoenix, Az. and fly out of Las Vegas, NV or San Diego, CA. I would also like to be at the Grand Canyon on the 13th of July to see the sun rise(that is the most important part of the trip birthday wish for my better half..ha ha),. The dates are July 03, 2008 - July 16, 2008. Has anyone done a trip simular to this? Any advive would be greatly appericated.


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    I've done a couple of road trips which sort of encompass this..

    My opinion would be fly into Phoenix, and then out of Las Vegas. To do the rest of the trip, I'd sort of go in a big clockwise circle...

    Phoenix/ Scottsdale
    Tucson - Sagguaro National Park, and etc.
    Tucson to San Diego, via Kitt Peak, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (perhaps -- your taste may vary), Yuma, Yuma Dunes
    San Diego
    LA area
    LA east towards Grand Canyon (Joshua Tree National Park?)
    Grand Canyon South Rim
    Grand Canyon to Las Vegas.

    That's pretty leisurely paced, and not a big push any day (longest drive looks like Tucson to San Diego)

    Depending upon your taste and time as you do more detailed planning, you might have enough time to go up the coast a ways from LA -- Santa Barbara, or up to Hearst Castle -- or cut inland to Yosemite and back towards Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

    If you have the option, a fly into Phoenix and fly out of Phoenix or fly in/ fly out of Las Vegas alternative might would well too. Sometimes you can save a few hundred dollars by returning a rental car to where it has been rented from, which might cover any slight increase in airport costs.

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