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  1. Default Richmond, Va to Penn State University!

    On our Spring Break two of my friends and I are heading from Richmond, Virginia to State College, Pennsylvania. It started as just one of my friends going to visit Penn State University, and then it turned into a road trip!

    Our parents have already ok'd us going and I am the one driving. We are staying with my friend's cousin at her apartment right outside of campus (she attends Penn State) so there won't be any hotel costs, etc. We are planning on leaving early Monday, March 24 and coming home sometime in the afternoon that Thursday.

    We've all been that way before, so none of us have the desire to stop along the way, etc. We're looking at a straight shot to PA, looking at Penn State one day, getting in some shopping another day, and hopefully, if we can find clubs that are 18+ and not 21+, partying with the locals at night (which our parents know our plans of this too, and it's okay)... and then a straight shot back home.

    Are there any tips we should keep in mind while hitting the roads? I just got my car inspected, but I'm sure my dad will have it checked out right before we leave too. Also, what is the proper way to split gas money? And I'm sure there are expenses I'm not thinking of that I would really appreciate someone pointing out to me... (:

    (sorry it was so long! i tend to ramble...:D)

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    Default looks good

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    It looks like you've done everything right so far. You're only looking at a 300 mile trip, so this will be a real easy distance to cover in one day and its a perfect kind of trip to get your feet wet, so to speak.

    As far as spliting up gas costs, I don't think there is one right answer. Usually, I just work with a rotation where person A fills up the first tank, person B the second, etc. Since this is such a short trip and you might only have to fill up the car twice, you might simply total up the costs and divide them out at the end.

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