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    Hi, my wife and I are looking for a summer road trip? We live in Central PA where we both teach school. We are looking for ideas of a nice roadtrip filled with many interesting things to do..We have been overseas and to the beach a lot and figured something else was needed this summer...Maybe some festivals and things..The only thing is we are totally clueless where to begin to look for things to do...We would appreciate any suggestions, we are looking for the mid-west to west from pa since we have not done to much traveling in that direction. We are in our 20's with no kids and looking for adult things to do...Being around kids all school year we need a BREAK!! Thank you for you time and i look forward to some suggestions!!! Thanks!!!!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Most of life's "mysteries" turn out to be relatively simple on closer inspection. Just as one example, I entered two words, Nebraska and festival, into my favorite search engine and in just a few simple clicks came up with the following:

    Jazz and Blues in Omaha
    Nebraska State Fair
    Middle of Nowhere Days
    Swedish Midsommar Festival
    Native American Music Festival
    Kool-Aid Days
    Nebraska Shakespeare Festival
    Festival of Quilts
    Ogallala Rubber Chicken Festival
    ...and that's just a small sampling of what's available in one state (and doesn't include rodeos, bees, parades, and the like. With a little similar research I suspect that, in spring and summer, you could go from one event to another through the midwest and west almost non-stop.



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