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    We are going to do a oneway roadtrip to those cities in next summer. I`m from Finland and it is actually my very first time in the U.S. I`m travelling with my wife and 1.5 year old son and three relatives. So we have quite big group.

    We are going to do the trip in three days. We start from JFK airport on afternoon and continue towards Boston. First night we will stay in some motel or B&B near Boston. We will stay one day in Boston and then hit the road so we could get to sleep somewhere between Boston and Niagara. Last night we`re thinking to stay in Niagara On The Lake village and last day we are going to check out The Falls and surrounding. From Niagara we drive to Toronto where we are going to stay the next four months :)

    We are intrested in seeing some small villages and pretty sceneries. And we are mostly going to drive in daytime when it`s still bright. Does our plan sound reasonable or is it even possible to do it in that time schedule?
    What roads and what places you recommend and do you have any ideas for how to spend a day in Boston wisely; what to do and what to see?

    Other possibility is that we drive straigth up to Niagara Falls along Hudson river. Is it worth to make a loop trough Boston?

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    Tervetuloa! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Yes, I think your plan makes sense as a wise use of the four days you have available to get from New York to Toronto. I think, if I read you correctly, you actually have three and a half days, with the half day being the afternoon and evening when you land in New York and drive to Boston. You won't have much time to stop along the way, but you certainly can get to Boston in that time. For your day in Boston, there is no better way to see the city than by walking, and no better foot tour than the Freedom Trail. For your two day drive from Boston to Niagara, I'd recommend the Mohawk Trail (MA-2) in Massachusetts and US-20 in New York. Here are some links to more detailed discussions of what's available along those two routes.


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