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    Okay so this year my friends and I will be graduating high school. This August, we want to go on a nice little road trip/vacation before college. The problem is, we have abolutely no idea of where to go. Initially, we wanted to go to Montreal, but the matter of obtaining passports ((and parents who weren't too keen on out of the country excursions)) became a problem. Its going to be a group of 4-7 girls, all but one of us will be 18, 2 of us are licensed drivers. Now, all we need is a destination. Ideally, we want somewhere around 10 hours away since the driving will be shared between 2 people. We plan to be gone around a week. Also, money isn't a big problem because all of us will have been employed for the summer. Any ideas?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    In my opinion, the three best options you have for a one-(long)-day RoadTrip from Philadelphia are New England, the Appalachians, and the Outer Banks. Each offers a distinctly different flavor, but each offers plenty to do and see. Each of those possibilities has been described elsewhere in these forums in much greater detail than I can go into here, so poke around a bit both here and on the web in general to see which best suits your objectives for this trip. One other thing you will need to worry about at some point is health care for the minor who will be accompanying you. In addition, here is a discussion of just the kind of adventure you're about to set out on.


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