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  1. Default Houston to Seattle relocation route. Help required.

    We are moving from Houston to Seattle and will be driving in 3 weeks time. We are discussing which route to take. We figure on driving 600-700 miles per day; there are two of us. We need the trip to take no longer than 4 days (3 nights). We would love scenery along the way but do not want to risk getting stuck in a snow drift and want to arrive in our alloted time period. Questions:

    1. Is it too dangerous to drive through the Rockies except on a major interstate?

    2. Anyone please advise on which route is preferable overall?



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    Default options

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    600-700 miles is feasable, but it is on the top end of what we generally recommend. I'd try to keep those days a little closer to the 600 mile end of the spectrim, but that would still get you there in 4 very full days.

    Getting stuck in a snowdrift is usually more a matter of failing to follow good winter driving practices than picking a bad route.

    That said, under your timeframe, I don't think you'll have too much time to get off the interstate. The route I'd recommend is to Work down to Salt Lake City via I-82, I-84, and I-15. Then I'd cut down on US-6 to I-70 and take that across Utah and the Colorado rockies (arguably the most scenic superhighway in the US). I-70 would continue to take you across Kansas where I-135 and I-35 would take you south into Texas.

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    Default Shave off a few miles

    I would follow Michael's suggestions except for one portion of it. While I agree that I-70 is a beautiful drive, so are these other roads. And it's worth it to bypass SLC, imho. I've never driven through there without getting stuck in traffic. The more you can miss traffic snarls, the better on a speed run like this.

    From Denver to Salt Lake City: Take I-25 from Denver north to Cheyenne WY, then I-80 to the merge with I-84 just east of Salt Lake City, then northwest to Ogden, UT (skipping going through SLC).

    This route is just over 2400 requiring four 600-mile days. If you only make very brief stops for food/fuel/bio breaks, you're looking at being on the road about 11-12 hours each day. That's OK for one or two days but four days in a row will be very tiring. You will be zonked once you hit Seattle. Just plan on getting into Seattle later in the evening (preferably after 7-7:30pm) so you don't arrive there just to sit in Seattle's infamous traffic jams.

    In the time you have, sticking to the interstates and making good time should be your first priority. You're really driving through some lovely country. Is there anyway you can add a day or two so you can enjoy the drive and some stops along the way a bit more?

    You might plan your nightly stops as follows:
    Houston to Wichita, KS (602 miles)
    Wichita to Cheyenne, WY (610 miles)
    Cheyenne to Twin Falls, ID (615 miles)
    Twin Falls to Seattle, WA (504 miles)

    One little trick that will help a bit. When you get to each city where you'll be stopping for the night, go to the far side of it before finding lodging. You don't want to have to deal with any morning commuter traffic if you can help it.

  4. Default Houston to Seattle

    We have 5 to 6 days to get from Houston to Seattle. We are going in 10 days. We have calculated that there are basically 3 directions we can go:

    1. H'ton - Wichita - Denver - Cheyenne - Seattle

    2. H'ton - Amarillo - Flagstaff - SLC - Seattle

    3. H'ton - Amarillo - Flagstaff - I5 - Seattle

    Given that we have a reasonable amount of time to get to our destination and taking into account my fiancee is worried about me driving through the snow (even though I am used to it).

    Can anyone suggest a good, safe, efficient but SCENIC route?

    We would love to see some wonderful scenery as I am from England originally and I am excited about seeing my new country.


    Houston Elopers

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    Default Same Advice

    Even if you now have a couple of extra days to make this trip, I'd still recommend the first option listed. This is probably the most scenically diverse of your three listed options. The second option adds 125 miles to an already ambitious trip and the third adds 300. But more to the point, you've asked for efficient and scenic. This one is the best of the lot in both regards, and all three routes are good and safe.The first option is basically the route that Michael and Judy laid out for you and none of the reasons they chose that route have changed. Now, though, you'll have some time to appreciate some of the places along the way.


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