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    Hello everyone,

    I have done an extensive search but cannot find the specific trip I'm looking for. My wife and I are going to Las Vegas for 10 days beginning April 30th. We have some shows and a motocross race booked for the first 5 days. As well, we have a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. We thought we would get away for four days and we can't decide what to do. Our first intention was to take a roadtrip to LA. After thinking it through, we're not sure. We don't want to do any Disney parks because we intend to take our kids there in another year or so. We are very open to anything but would like to keep the limit the driving to about 5 hours per day, less if possible.

    We are a young couple and like to have fun. We would appreciate hearing suggestions from the many seasoned road trippers here.

    Thank you

    Mike and Lisa

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    Quote Originally Posted by miker150 View Post
    I have done an extensive search
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! A conservative estimate of the number of threads on this forum for road trips that start and end in Las Vegas is something in excess of 1000 -- but, even long-time Moderators sometimes lose track of all that can be found here, so...

    First, you might like some of these day trips in this article
    Anytime you look at a Forum post you should scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the "similar threads list."
    One possible trip is this one to the North Rim of the Grand and up to Bryce and back.
    Here is an excellent field report that offers some a great route.
    Here is a list of some of the trips that start and/or end in Las Vegas
    Joshua Tree, Mojave Preserve, London Bridge and Oatman would make a nice loop.
    San Diego and southern California (not LA in this trip) has some good options.

    Once you choose a route or destination we would be happy to help you flesh it out a bit.


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    Thank you Mark,

    I have checked out the day trip link and there is some interesting trips in there. Thanks for all the other suggestions. There are some new suggestions that we haven't considered yet. That's really what we are looking for. Can't wait to check them out further.

    Thanks for your help. We appreciate it.

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