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    Default My third trip --NJ to AZ -- on the road again??

    Well, it seems like my employer may want to give me several good reasons to make this trip again so soon (last one Sept 07) and this time it would be to permanently relocate to my new home state of Arizona..

    So, I will again try the truck rental route, towing one of our two vehicles this time (with more success than the first one) but not needing too much space to pack, we think a 16ft rental will do the trick

    So why am I here again.. I need some advice about the route to AZ.. previous two have been : PA TPK, Route 70 to St Louis, Route 44 southwest to Oklahoma City than the big swing on Route 40 to Flagstaff , then down Rt 17 to home..

    My problem.. way too many hills and I am not looking forward to this since I will be towing this time... so any suggestions for a flatter , safer journey??

    My worst stretch was actually coming out of Flagstaff and the up and down hills of Rt 17 to Phoenix..very nerve racking for a novice driver of trucks..
    was thinking about taking RT 25 out of Albequrque (sp??) NM and hookup with I-10 West and come up thru Tucson.. but don't know if that terrain is any better..

    Hope to hear some ideas,, if not,, lots more research to do in the coming months

    THanks for reading this

    Don J
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    Default Yeah, I Know That Stretch

    I once was driving back to Tucson from Flagstaff with a cold and as I started down that long grade into the Verde River Valley my head felt like it was going to explode. I finally had to take an exit (thankfully one came up just as I couldn't take it anymore) because I couldn't see straight any more. It's not particularly twisty or steep, but it is relentless. I think your only option is, as you note, to take I-25 south from Albuquerque, use NM-26 as a shortcut between Hatch and Deming, an then use I-10 through Tucson to Phoenix. Be advised that I-10 through Tucson is currently undergoing major construction. It shouldn't be too hard on through traffic, but all exits from and entrances to the highway are closed within the city proper.


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    Default I-25

    I-25 south from Albuquerque is OK. Most of the way the road descends gradually as you head down the Rio Grande Valley.

    There are a few places where the road drops into a canyon and you have a bit of climb back up the other side, but nothing that's really bad. The biggest one is about three hundred feet down and back up:

    Tijeras Arroyo – just south of Albuquerque
    Nogal Canyon – South from Socorro, about 5 miles south of the Fort Craig rest area.
    Alamosa Creek Canyon (the biggest one) – Mile Marker 92 southbound (89 northbound), before you get to Elephant Butte Lake.

    Have a great trip!

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