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    My girlfriend and I are plannig a honeymoon road trip from april 4 to april 17, we are willing to visit San Francisco, Napa Vlley, Death Valley, Las Vegas and some national parks on the way. Do you think we have enough time??

    4- Los Angeles
    5- Take the pacific coast to San Fran, with one night stop
    6- San Fran
    7- San Fran
    8- San Fran
    9- Yosemite or surroundings
    10- Death Valley
    11- Las Vegas
    12- Las Vegas
    13- Las Vegas
    14- Las Vegas to LA stopping for shopping outlets
    15- LA and surroundings (beaches, main attractions)
    16- LA and surroundings
    17- Fly back

    Something like that.
    What do you think? any suggestions?
    Places to visit? diners to stop?
    Hotels to stay?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Default looks fine

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your basic plan is just fine, with plenty of time to spare. The only thing I might change is to take one more day in the Yosemite/Death Valley stretch. With Tioga Pass closed at this time of year, you'll be looking at a pretty full day to get between those two parks.

    We've got several hundred posts on this topic, so I suggest looking around a bit more. To get you started, take a look at the other threads suggested here.

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    Default One day LA to SF?

    I'm unclear if you're going to drive the whole way on that one day or if you're going to stop somewhere along the way for the night and get into San Francisco later the next day. You should be aware that it would be a marathon driving day to do it in one day. You might want to consider a stop for the night in either the Morro Bay or Monterey areas. The links Michael gave you should give you some specific suggestions about this.

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    Default Some Tips

    just joined this forum and will be interested in some info for a trip to Chicago and the Great Lakes area in the summer. Here's some info on your trip...

    We've done this trip twice, both ways (clockwise & counter-clockwise). On both occasions we did it in 14 days, so 17 days is plenty.

    The drive between LA and SF is a long one and you're wise to include a stop. Anywhere between about Morro Bay and San Simeon would be good. This stretch is about halfway and close to the ocean.

    On your way to (or from) Napa stop off at Vista Point (on the right as you cross the bridge going north) for a great view of San Francisco, and Golden Gate National Recreational Area (on the left as you cross the bridge going north, opposite Vista Point) for great views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    In SF there are also good views from Twin Peaks and from Coit Tower (Telegraph Hill). You can try the 49-Mile Scenic Drive around the city, but you WILL get lost - the signs marking the route are non-existent in some places. Nevertheless, it's great fun if you don't mind getting lost!

    If you want to go to Alcatraz, buy tickets in advance online. You may struggle to get tickets on the day. And wrap up warm - it can be extremely cold in the bay breeze on the way over.

    You may want to consider allowing an extra day for your trip between SF and LV - its a very long way, and there are no freeways through the National Parks! You'll also need the extra time to stop off and see stuff. Perhaps delete your day 16 in LA to allow for it (you already have 4 days there at the start).

    In LV see a show. Buy tickets in advance from hotel websites. They're expensive but generally terrific entertainment. Last year we saw 'The Beatles - Love' at the Mirage (it's still going now). It's a Cirque du Soleil show. You can buy the CD now if you want to.

    Hoover Dam is a worthwhile day trip out of LV.

    We've stayed at various hotels on several trips to LV - The Luxor, The Mirage, The Flamingo, Treasure Island, The Plaza, and a Best Western (in 1990!). The only one I wouldn't recommend is The Plaza. We found it a bit shabby, though comfortable. That was in 2005, so it may have improved by now. If I had to recommend one it would be The Flamingo. I think it's in a great location on the Strip - close to the main large hotels and on the monorail route. Any of the large hotels on the Strip is likely to be a good choice.

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    Default Welcome and Thanks

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    jif001, it is unusual for a first time poster to be offering advice rather than asking for it and we really appreciate you jumping in with your knowledge. What makes it even more unusual is that you're not even an American AND you've been to 44 of the 50 states! I've been to the UK about half a dozen times and my percentage of your shires (is that the right term?) is not nearly that high. In any event, we hope you continue as we do seem to be attracting a large number of your countrymen of late.


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    Default Glad To Help

    Thanks for the welcome. I made two useful discoveries this week - one was StumbleUpon, and that allowed me to stumble upon RTA.

    This summer we'll bag Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana. That takes us to 49 States. Next year we'll get Hawaii, so our 50th State is the 50th State of the Union, and we'll be there on my 50th birthday! We didn't plan it that way (how could we? - we started 24 years ago!) but it's a nice way to finish off.

    By the way, over here we don't call them Shires, because many of them are not (Kent, Northumberland, Cumbria, Cornwall...etc.) - they're Counties. Bizarrely, I can't tell you how many Counties we have or how many I've been to!

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    Default Brits everywhere

    Personally I would look to drive three or four hours north of LA on the 5th. This'll allow you to make a nice early start on the PCH on the 6th and get to admire the pretty bits before the road gets busy. You can be sure that you'll constantly be swinging off the highway to admire the view and/or take photos and, as you'll be heading north, you'll be needing to turn across oncoming traffic so you really don't need traffic on the road getting in your way.

    You might also want to check out this thread by yet another Brit for some highlights of the area.

  8. Default Thanks

    Thank u all for your comments. I will take a look at the links and let you all know my final road trip plans.

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