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    Default From SFO to SFO in 13 days

    Hi all,

    My boyfriend and I are traveling to the USA for the first time. On April 30, we fly into SFO from Brussels, and will stay in the city for a few days to attend a wedding. Afterwards we will go on an RV road trip. We will leave SFO on May 4th (late afternoon) and have to be back in SFO on May 18 (early morning). The next day we fly to NYC, stay there for 4 days and fly back to Belgium by the end of May.

    We were thinking of the following trip:
    SFO - Lake Tahoe - Yosemite - Sequoia - Death Valley - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - Joshua Tree -Palm Springs - San Diego - LA - Carmel - SFO.

    Is this feasable in let's say 13 full days? Or are our plans far too ambitious?
    What is the advised average mileage one should drive without being worn out after one week?
    Should we make reservations for campings in advance (national parcs etc) or can we reserve on the spot in this season?
    Do we need an international driver's license or is a european one sufficient?

    Any advice is welcome! Thanx a lot in advance!

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    Default A Bit Much

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you might be trying to do a bit too much. You've listed off 13 stops, and all of them are a few hours to a full days drive apart. Its not that its impossible, but its a fairly exhaustive pace since you wouldn't even have one day off the road and you'll almost have to fly through some of the places because of the drive times. In other words, its not a case of any of the specific drives being too long, I just think you might want at least a day or two at some of those places to really enjoy them.

    There's a couple things I would look at. I think you might need to make a choice between Sequoia or Tahoe. Because of the challenges of crossing the Sierra in April (many passes, including Tioga are still closed). In either case you would go to Yosemite first, and then choose between going north and cross the Sierras, ending up at Lake Tahoe, or going to Sequoia and then working down around the south end of the Sierra to cross and head to Death Valley.

    You might also look at trimming Palm Springs/Joshua Tree and/or San Diego off your list for this time. They are great places to stop, but I think you might want to give yourself a little more time to enjoy the other destinations, like the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Las Vegas, or LA.

    An international drivers license is simply a translation of your existing license, it doesn't grant any special privilages, but if there isn't an english translation already on your license, it might make things a little easier, but its not essential.

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    Default Too Ambitious

    I agree with Midwest Michael - your trip is far too ambitious for the time available.

    You could consider driving from San Francisco to Grand Canyon, but then terminate your road trip in Las Vegas and fly back to SFO.

    Alternatively, avoiding San Diego, finish in LA and fly back from there, but the further you drive the less time you'll have for sight-seeing.

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    Default From SFO to SFO in 13 days

    Midwest Michael & Jif: tx a lot for your advice!

    Looking at your remarks I trimmed the planning as follows:
    4 may: drive from SFO to Sequoia
    5 may: Sequoia
    6 may: drive from Sequoia to Death Valley
    7 may: Death valley
    8 may: drive from Death Valley to Las Vegas
    9 may: Las Vegas
    10 may: drive from LV to Grand Canyon
    11&12 may: Grand Canyon
    13 may: drive from Grand Canyon to LA (stopover?)
    14 may: arrival LA
    15&16 may: LA
    17 may: drive from LA to SFO (stopover?)
    18 may: arrival SFO

    Between Grand Canyon & LA I thought of planning a stopover (Lake Havasu?) and between LA & SFO I would also plan a stopover to cut the ride in two. (are there nice alternatives for Carmel?)

    Does this sounds doable?

    Tx a lot!

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    Default very

    I think your plan sounds very doable, in fact, you may have cut back more than you need.

    The one thing I would certainly add back in is Yosemite, you've still got plenty of time to see Yosemite, Sequoia, and Death Valley and still make it to Vegas on 8 May.

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