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    My sister and I are looking at driving from Oregon to Florida and then back this summer. On the way there we want to go down the 101 and then head east through the southern states. On the way back we don't care which way we go.

    Any suggestions or tips as far as a route or cool places to stay/check out?

    We've never gone on ANY road trip so any help would be amazing. :)

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    Default Basics

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Since this is your first trip, I think you really should start with the basics. What things/types of things do you want to see, how much time do you have for this trip, and how much money is in your budget?

    You've got literally the entire country between your starting and ending points, so the list of possibilities is truely endless. Getting a solid footing on what you have to work with will make it much easier to plan this trip, and make it possible for others to give you some specific advice about things to do and routes to take.

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    Default Another basic

    In addition to the points Michael raised, give us an idea of the types of things you like to see. Historic sites? Natural wonders? Amusement parks? City life? Backroads and small towns? Beaches? Mountains? Knowing more about what you like will help us give you tips that would appeal to you better.

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