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    Default San Francisco to Las Vegas

    My wife and I are from England and are planning a trip for mid-late April and our itinerary is as follows:

    San Francisco (1 night) driving to Monterey (1 night) onwards to Yosemite (2 nights) then to Mammoth (1 night) then Death Valley (1 night) and finally to Las Vegas (3 nights).

    We have looked at various guide books and discussions on the forums but would like some advice on whether our plan is feasible and what the best driving routes are.

    Any comments and advice would be appreciated.

    Kind regards


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    Default Join the crowd!

    That is one of the most popular routes that we get questions about so you'll be in good company on the road.

    Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    In fact, this British couple wanted to go the exact same route so you'll find some good suggestions here. More details here. These posts should point you in the right direction.

    You might want to consider adding another night in San Francisco if you can. There is tons to see and do there.

    You also might want to poke around our International Visitors page to see if there's some tips that will make your trip go more smoothly (or save you a few pounds sterling).

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    Default San Francisco to Las Vegas

    Thanks for the links Judy.

    We did a 3 night stay in San Francisco a couple of years ago and thought is was great but wanted to use our time doing something different.

    Kind regards

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    hi there, the only problem there is that the tioga pass [hwy 120] is almost certainly going to still be closed due to snow so you will either have to go north around the sierras to get to mammoth lakes or stick to the western side and go south from yosemite and then up to death valley. either way it's a beautifull area!

    have a great trip.

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    Default Problem

    There is one big problem with your route. Yosemite to Mammoth isn't an easy trip in Late April, because Tioga Pass will still be closed. You'd be looking at going all the way up toward Lake Tahoe to get over the Sierras between those two places.

    If you've got plans to visit Mammoth for a specific reasons, you can still make the trip, but you should expect the trip to take most of the day. If you were just using it as a stopover between Yosemite and Death Valley, it will be faster to go around to the south via the Bakersfield area.

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    Thanks guys.

    There is no specific reason for going to Mammoth it just looked like a good stopover to break-up the trip to Vegas via Death Valley.

    Where would you recommend as a stay over instead of Mammoth?

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    depending on what time you leave yosemite,you could possibly head for bakersfield then head up to lake isabella [kernvilles a nice small town]which would give you a good run into death valley through ridgecrest the following day. although you might want to consider a diversion and take a look at the giants forest and the "general sherman"'s a lovely scenic drive along the generals hwy down through three rivers,but will take up more of your time[worth it in my opinion].

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    I'll have a look at the alternatives.

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    Hi all,
    Id like to tap for some advice too if thats ok. Doing similar journey but the opposite direction.
    Las Vegas - Death valley (stay in furnace creek - any opinions?) - drive up through mamoth and into Yosemite - the stay a night somewhere in the yosemite area. Next day, head straight over to san francisco...

    Is this a viable plan? We've estimated about 5 hrs a day and have no problem with that - when does Tioga Pass open - we're going early june..

    Any recommendations for places to stay around Yosemite...

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    Can't comment on the viability of your trip because haven't done it before but I certain hope it is because it's very similar to mine.

    Everything I have read has indicated that Tioga pass opens in early June.

    As for accommodation in Yosemite we are staying at the Yosemite View Lodge which has pretty good reviews but there are plenty of options. We were advised by friends that had been before to book early though.

    Have a great trip.

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