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    this june a couple of my friends and i have a little more than a week (10 days or so) to drive to tennessee. i have always craved to make this trip and now that it is really going to happen i really want it to be successful and to make it as enjoyable as possible.
    as for our destination in tenessee, i think we will head towards the nashville/knoxville route but most importantly, i want to be able to spend some time camping in the smoky mountains.
    this is the first road tirp that i've planned so i'm not too sure how to go about this process. any suggestions about where to stop along the way or about the trip in general would be GREATLY appreciated!

    p.s. am i crazy to try to make this roadtrip happen within a ten day time period?!?

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    Default The Basics are Pretty Basic

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    Planning a RoadTrip doesn't have to be all that daunting. Stick to the basics and do first things first. You and your friends should start by sitting down one evening and talk about the purpose and objectives of the trip. Then pick a destination (OK - you've already got one). At this point, just break out an atlas and see what's between you and your destination and what's around your destination that appeals to you. Mark those things and connect the dots. You could get to Knoxville in one very hard day of all-Interstate driving, so even taking two days each way to sample some of the back roads and sights along the way would still leave you three days in the Smoky Mountains. This trip is very much within the limits of what's possible. That's pretty much it at this level.


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