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    I have a few questions about renting a car for a cross-country roadtrip. A few friends and I were thinking about renting a car from New Jersey and driving out to California and flying back. Does anyone know of any car rental places that offer discounts for this type of roadtrip? We are all twenty-one and will most likely have to pay an extra fee because of our age. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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    Default Discounts? No.

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    In fact, my recent experience has been quite the opposite. A couple of years back I started to notice that rental car companies were occasionally asking me if I lived in the city in which I'd be picking up/dropping off the car. If I answered 'Yes' the rate went up considerably. This was their way of weeding out those people (like me) who were renting cars just to put hundreds or thousands of miles on them. The fact is that even though a contract may be written for 'unlimited miles' the rental companies really don't like it much if you do that. Their preferred customer is the businessman who comes to town for a meeting and drives the car maybe 5-10 miles a day between the airport and his hotel, with maybe a side trip to a restaurant. Not only can you expect to pay a premium for your age (around $25-40 for each driver for each day) but you can expect to pay another hefty premium ($300-500) to leave the car in California. This is not going to be cheap.


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    I did this a few years ago- rented a car in Boston area and drove it to the Seattle airport, then flew back. It cost surprisingly less than we thought it would be, around $350 for 10 days. We went through Hertz which at the time had the best deals for the pick up and drop in different places. We also ran into trouble with the car in Montana, but picked up a different car and actually the cost was made cheaper when we changed it out (taxes much less in MT than MA). It was a great experience.

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    Default Fly and Drive RoadTrips

    Quote Originally Posted by 01srotag View Post
    I did this a few years ago- rented a car in Boston area and drove it to the Seattle airport, then flew back
    We really like the "Fly and Drive" option for road trips. Here are some of our tips and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum and thanks for sharing your experience with us!


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    It may be worth calling a number of the majors at both your departure and arrival destinations to ask if they're likely to have any vehicles to be returned to their original base (is other one-way rentals). If they do then they'll more often than not waive the one way fee and maybe offer a small discount on the rental itself. The problem with this, of course, is when they say 'yes, sir, we get them all the time' and you arrive on the day and they say 'sorry, sir, we don't have any this week!' Worth a call though.

    The other option, depending on how long your trip is planned to take, is to look into 'driveaway' options whereby you deliver someones car for them (popular with 'snowbirds' going to/from Florida in the winter) and all you have to pay for is fuel.
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