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    Hey everybody :-) My boyfriend and I are planning a road trip this summer (I'm finally graduating college!) and I'm wondering the best routes to take. We're leaving from New York and want to head south, see places like New Orleanes, Houstin, Grand Canyon (of course), then head up CA to Seattle (I would like to see Alaska but am not sure if that's feasible). I am not too excited about the northern route as it doesn't seem like there is much to see up there so any ideas would be greatly appreciate. We plan on taking our camping gear in order to save some money (we wont be camping every night but as often as we can) so any tips on camping grounds would be great. We also would like to visit Nevada and see Colorado...I know I'm kind of all over the place but I'm not really worried about time or money, I just really want to enjoy this trip and see as much of this country as possible. I would like to see places with some history too. Thanks so much in advance for any advice!


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    Default Best?

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    When you are talking about a canvas as big as the US, I don't think its possible to have a best route. You just have to start looking at things you want to do and build a route around them. I would probably encourage you to take one route west and another route east.

    While I know you said you aren't worried about time or money, its really impractical (and kind of foolish) to try and plan a trip without putting serious focus on time and money. Unless you've got unlimited time and money, both of those elements play a huge role in what you will be able to do - and since you've talked about Alaska as being impractical, and camping to save money it doesn't sound like that's the case for this trip.

    I'd start laying out the list of things you want to see, build a route around them, and then start seeing if all of those things will work within your constraints. If they do, great, if not start making choices about which things are your biggest priority.

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    Default How Many Months Do You Have?

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    You're probably looking at one month for the 'Grand Tour' of the lower 48, and another month to add Alaska. I tend to disagree with you regarding there being "much to see up there". Here is just an overview of the highlights of what's available along two separate northern routes, and here's a more detailed report on one small area along one of those routes. Colorado is going to be a bit of a problem, since it's not really on either a direct route to the Grand Canyon or back from Seattle. But unless you really do have unlimited time and unlimited funding, you really can't Do iIt All.


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    Default Campground guidebook


    I don't think I'd undertake such a trip without one of the popular campground guidebooks aboard, such as Woodalls. The last Woodalls I had gave commercial and state + Federal park + National Forest campground descriptions and locations and was indespensible. Having a notion of where you can stop and camp then gives you many advanced planning opportunities as well as some flexibility to change as you go along.

    Have a great trip.


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