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    Default Trip of a lifetime?

    Hi all. I find myself without gainful employment at the moment and the opportunity has presented itself for a long dreamed of motorcycle trip to the USA. My thoughts are at present as follows, but if anyone has any suggestions on routes, methods, point of entry etc than please let me know.

    Fly to Las Vegas at the end of April this year, buy a Harley touring bike from a dealer or privately, spend a month touring the main sites such as Grand Canyon etc with my wife, who will then fly home. Then I have a furtehr two months, taking me to late July to tour myself. I'm thinking of heading up to Oregon, Washington and possibly up to Banff in Canada, then returning to Las Vegas and storing the bike until next year when I can do it all again for at least a few weeks. So far I've hit problems getting insurance, and getting dealers to respond to my questions.

    Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


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    Default hurdles

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The problem you are looking at is similar to really anyone who is looking to come from overseas and purchase a car.

    Finding a dealer who will work with you might make the process as easy as it can be, but I would also research with the Nevada DMV to see what sorts of things you would need to register your bike once you purchase it.

    If you can overcome that, the rest of your trip would be easy. 2 months would give you a great opportunity to explore the American and Canadian West, and you'll have no shortage of things to do an see.

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    Sounds pretty nice. But myself I know 2 months on a bike would make things not enjoyable. I know in the western U.S. they still get good amounts of snow in the high elevations that time of year (april-may). A bike would be less than ideal in a snowstorm. So I personal would rent a mini RV or a mini-van. You can sleep on both.
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    Default not something I'd worry about

    While it is possible to see some late spring snow in some of the real high elevation areas of the west, its not something I would worry about, certainly not to the point where I would consider changing my plans about taking a trip during that time.

    You'll be fine, and since I assume you've already spent some time on a bike and know your limitations with that forum of travel, it will make for the trip of a lifetime you are looking for.

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