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    My name is George Sioux and I'm going to walk across America to learn about the people who live in this country and the true meaning of being American. I will walk to every state's capital to learn a better understand why Americans are the way they are. If you want to find out any more feel free to contact me or you can read my blog where I will be documenting my entire adventure. I don't exactly know everywhere I want to go but I would like I get some feedback about some cool places I could visit on my adventure.
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    You my friend, are my hero. I've always dreamed about doing something like this and plan to do something similar in the future. I'd love to stay updated on your journey! When do you plan to start?

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    Well on my blog I or my friend will update my blog so you could look on there and you can email so we can talk about it...umm I hope in about three months but I need to rise money for that to happen.

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