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    My friend and I are planning a 10 day trek from snowy Toledo Ohio through the sunny South west up to San Fran. We've never done a trip like this and there are a few unknowns: Weather, temperature, accomodations. I've drawn up a loose day-to-day schedule. I'm wondering if anyone could read over it and give some suggestions. Really im just worried that it might be too cold. We're leaving on Feb the 29th and going to march the 10th. We'd really love to camp somewhere or sleep outside at some point but don't know when and where. Any suggestions on things to see, places to stay, and roads to take? We got a lot of time and really just want to take our time on scenic roads and make frequent stops.

    Day 1: Friday Feb 29th: Toledo to Memphis via main roads. Spend the night in a Memphis Hostel.

    Day 2: Saturday:
    Rise early and get to south western Louisiana by night, possibly camp in car or tent. Spend the day moving down the Mississippi. Possibly drive on through the night into texas along the Gulf coast further south toward Corpus Christi.

    Day 3: Sunday:
    Make it San Anton by night, like 6-8ish. See the city. Spend the night with a friend.

    Day 4: Monday:
    Make our way across SW texas toward El Paso, Possibly across Route 10 with possible scenic detours, and stops at parks. Sleep in El Paso, or beyond, or drive through the night into New Mexico. Possibly camp out since we’ll still be in warmer climes.

    Day 5: Tuesday:
    Maybe get to Flagstaff Arizona, and check out the Grand Canyon to the north. Probably too cold to camp up there.

    Day 6: Wednesday, Vegas or Yuma? Sandiego, Who knows?

    Day 7: Thursday:
    Possibly drive on down to San diego or LA Thru the Mojave, or thru Death Valley, Tool around on the beach. Spend the night out there or keep on driving thru the night and get on 5, stay at some place on the coast, possibly camp.

    Day 8: Friday:
    Drive up 5 along the California coast in the morning or thru the night. By Midday to Late evening reach San Fran and stay with relatives. Settle in for the night or go explore the area.

    Day 9: Saturday
    Explore San Fran.

    Day 10. Sunday, spend the day on foot thru the city, sight seeing and taking it in. Drop off the car. Get on a plane (tickets already purchased), and be home Monday night.


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    Default A couple thoughts

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think your plan looks basically solid, except I think you might be overestimating just how warm it will be during your trip. Its still very possible to see relatively cool temperatures, and down right cold nights. You could hit perfectly good conditions just about as easy as you could see nights right near the freezing point. Looking at some long term forecasts, the Gulf Coast, Texas, and New Mexico are all looking at below normal temps during the beginning of March. Of course, all of that will be warmer than Ohio, but if you are camping, you should still be looking at using some cold to cool weather gear.

    I would also note that you often talk about possibly "driving through the night." None of the distances you are talking about should really require that, and quite frankly unless you really have to be at a specific place at a specific time, I don't see why you would take that approach on this kind of trip.

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    Thanks for the advice. We're really flexible about the camping, so im not too worried about that. I figure that a lot of the sites have cabins too for a colder night. I think us Ohioans could even take it outside though at some point, i have before.
    I don't know how often we'll be 'driving through the night' so, if you think we won't have to, i think we'd rather not.

    Thanks again!


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