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    Hey there!
    Myself and three friends are planning a road trip out west starting in Connecticut were we all live. We all agree that we will visit these following states for our various interests... NYC, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Nevada, Arizona, California and a few undetermined areas. We are allowing ourselves the end of June and the whole month of July to travel.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has some suggestions as to were are some neat places to visit/see. We are open to anything and just want to explore what we can of America before we all go to college in the fall.

    Also do you have any suggestions of how to conserve money? We are setting a budget for ourselves and we plan on spending some days in the car or in a tent or on someones couch

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    And that's a good thing! You literally have the entire country at your disposal and time enough to see a large number of the best things it has to offer. So my first piece of advice is to just continue what doing what you have been. Get yourselves a good-sized wall map of the U.S. and start marking the places you've agreed that you will visit. Start connecting the dots and see what else lies in between. Just remember that while a month and a half seems like a long time, it's not forever and your trip may already be starting to get oversubscribed.

    A few general suggestions. You should all sit down one evening and take the RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz just to work out some of the goals of your trip. 5-6 weeks is a long time to be in the constant presence of the same people no matter how tight your friendship, so be sure to schedule some days where you each have time to go off on your own. For the same reason, plan on at least occasionally booking two motel rooms. Since this is a pre-college RoadTrip, I'm guessing that at least some if not all of you are under 18. In which case you really need to deal with what to do in a medical emergency before you hit the road. As to saving money here are some tips and some budgeting considerations.

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    Thanks a lot AZbuck.
    All of us are over 18, but thank you for those links they have helped us out a lot. We will continue to update you of our progress as time goes by.

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    Wow Wisconsin to Arizona is a long drive. With some sharp planning and 5 weeks you could see the best America has to offer.
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