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  1. Default 6 day trip from central illinois, need ideas

    A couple friends and I want to plan a 6-7 day road trip in July, but can't really decide where we want to go. I think we are more interested in the fun of the drive and the camaraderie than actual destinations. We have a few ideas:

    One was to do a whiskey tour through kentucky and parts of tennessee and see some bourbon disitilleries (we like whiskey).

    We also considered heading west, but have no definite ideas of where we want to go (vegas is out because that would be a better trip to just fly for).

    Basically I am just looking for some input of ideas that are practical in this time frame and will let us see some cool places other than the corn fields of central Illinois.

    Any input would be great!

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    Default The Possibilities are (Pretty Much) Unlimited

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Where can you get to (and back!) in 6 days from central Illinois. If you limit yourself to places you can get to in 2 days of easy driving, so you'll have some time to spend at both your destination and at spots along the way, then the answer is: Almost anywhere east of the Rockies.

    If you like music, how about a tour of Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans?
    The beach? The Outer Banks of North Carolina.
    International travel? Niagara Falls, Ottawa and Montréal.
    Mountains and scenery? The Great Smoky Mountains and Blue Ridge.
    History? Jamestown, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Washington, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, etc., etc., etc.


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    Default More than cornfields in Illinois!

    Quote Originally Posted by emrlddwarf View Post
    I want to plan a 6-7 day road trip in July, but can't really decide where we want to go.
    How about a tour of Illinois? I bet that if you tried to drive to all of these places -- it would take 2-3 weeks of hard driving....


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    Hey I feel your pain! I live in central illinois (champaign)[Edited RTA Good Neighbor Policy] But in 7 days you could do an amazing roadtrip. I will just give some examples of what I have done, give you an idea of timeframes and how far you could go.

    Champaign>aracadia national park (maine) >boston>nyc only 7 days gone
    here>vegas and back with staying in new mexico 2 days only 8 days
    here>mt rushmore>yellowstone>back 7 days

    Needless to say but you can go great distances from here with hard driving. And use mapquest its usually pretty accurate, unless you waste of bunch of time.
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