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    We are planning a short road trip [2 nites/3 days] from Alameda, CA to Yosemite, leaving on March 3 or 4. Travelling mostly on 120 and not being familiar w/CA at all, is there a more scenic route, are there any "not to be missed" stops on the way and what would be the favorites in Yosemite itself?...all we really know is that we want to spend some time in the Giant Redwoods.

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    Most of CA-120 through Yosemite is what's known as Tioga Pass, and is closed for the winter. You can use 120 to get to the park and enjoy the Yosemite Valley, you just can't continue all the way across to the East side of the Sierras.

    The Yosemite Valley is still a great place to visit all year round. You might take a look at the National Parks Service Website.

    As far as the Big Trees goes, there is a grove of Sequoias inside Yosemite, but if that's a high priority, you should look at going to Sequoia National Park for part of your trip.

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