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    Default San francisco to Boston

    The wife my young daughter and i are flying in to San francisco then we drive all the way to Boston via quite a few places. So far my only concerns are
    1. will it be possible to get from Gallup to Louisville,Kentucky, in 2 days or at the very least St Louis or is this asking to much

    2. from Louisville we go to Baltimore over the Blue Ridge Mountains which i hope will take us 2 days. As it is late september when this bit of how trip happens will there be any Snow. i`ve checked last years weather reports and everything seems ok, but being from the uk a little local knowledge would help.

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    Default go and snow

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Shooting for Louisville in 2 days would probably be a bit much, especially if you are traveling with a youngster. I would have to be 2 very full days of driving, and more than I would recommend for a "fun" trip. St. Louis, however, would be a very decent stop, and its a city with plenty of things to do.

    I'm not certain, but I think snow in the Blue Ridge Mountains would be pretty unusual in September.

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