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    Default First Road Trip NJ to FL

    My brother and I have been camping but not on this sort of scale. We are taking an 11 day trip in July from NJ to the Dry Tortugas and back.

    Day 1- Asseateague 161 mi
    Day 2- Cape Hatteras 269
    Day 3 - Anastasia State Park outside St Augustine Fl 769 mi
    Day 4- Everglades 325
    Day 5- Bahia Honda (about half way down the keys) 92 mi
    Day 6&7-Dry Tortugas 37 mi
    Day 8 Back to Bahia Honda 37 mi
    Day 9 Manatee Spring in Chiefland Fl 472
    Day 10 Chiefland to Atlanta 338 (spending one night in a hotel)
    Day 11 Atlanta back to Jersey 851

    I know the last leg is a long trip even with two drivers but we get to go home and crash. Mostly I am looking for input on things not to miss. We are hoping to catch some waves in MD and NC and dive here and there. Any other tips?


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    Default Why Beat Yourselves Up?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Looks like a great trip, but (and you knew this was coming) there are two days that are glaringly out of place in an otherwise relaxed vacation that need not be that way. Your 770 mile drive on the way down and your 850 mile (!!!) drive on the way back. It is a simple enough matter to spread that mileage out over two days and not drive yourselves to exhaustion trying to have a great time. On the way down, take two full days to get to the Everglades from Cape Hatteras, stopping overnight in southern South Carolina or even Georgia. Similarly on the way back, combine your last two days and make your overnight stop somewhere that more evenly divides them, either at a motel in Fayettevill or Raleigh, NC or at a park in the area.


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    Default Thanks!

    I think I will stop at Colleton, thanks for the idea. Have you actually been there? If so do you know if the the park rent kayaks or canoes? I looked on their site but I couldnt find out one way or the other.

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    Default If Not There, Then Close-by

    I couldn't find it anywhere on the park web site either, but I did find a reference here that canoe rentals are available within a mile of the park.


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    Default Cool!

    That will be a nice diversion from the ocean.

    For anybody; have you been to the dry tortugas (i know its not exactly a ROAD trip but hey)??

    What did you think of it?

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