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    Hi! Some girlfriends and I are taking a road-trip this spring break! We are hopping in the car and planning on driving from Indy to Nags Head, NC (going by maps). We do not want to spend $$ on lodging and are planning to sleep in the van, or find some hospitable souls! :) Any advice on how to pack, stops to make, places to see, pics to take, or creative ways to find cheap beds!?

    Our dates of travel are March 7th - 13th!

    This site is great!

    Can't wait to hear your insights! :)
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    Default Camping

    Rather than sleep in the van, plan on camping out at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Campsites are $20 a night. Split 3 or 4 ways that sure beats any motel deal you're likely to find, relying on the kindness of strangers, or (ahem) trespassing. Here's another discussion of cheap lodging and an article on the Art of the Cheap RoadTrip. There are two general threads that you should have a look at regarding packing, one emphasizes packing for emergencies and the other concentrates on more general packing strategies.


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    If you like fishing, you should take a stop at the Bass Pro Shop in Hampton, Virginia. Even if you're not really into fishing, its more than just a fishing store.
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    Default Local info

    Hello Caitlin,

    AZBuck offers a sound suggestion on camping within the Cape Hatteras Nat Seashore. Be advised, however, that in recent years the campground has closed for the winter. Perhaps it would be open when your trip comes up, perhaps not, so check ahead.

    While it's delightful to have folks come to visit on Spring Break, you should know the weather at that time can be anything from below freezing nights to +80 degree days to daytime highs in the 40s to calm winds to a howling Nor'easter (also called a winter hurricane). I fact, it would not be surprising to find some of all of the above during a weeklong stay. I would imagine the surf water tempratures will still be in the 50s--and that's take your breath away cold.

    As to accomodations, you should be able to find modestly priced motels, cabins, or cottages at your pre-Easter visit timeframe. I've stayed at the Laughing Gull Cottages just south of Whalebone Junction while on fishing trips to the area, and they're basic, clean, and can accomodate a small group. I don't think it's a good idea to sleep in a vehicle, not the least of which reason is that the local law enforcement folks probably frown on that.

    Have a safe trip,


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    Default Those Nor'easters can really be fun!

    Quote Originally Posted by Foy View Post a howling Nor'easter (also called a winter hurricane).
    I have been in the middle of two of these lovely storms -- definitely not beach-goin' weather.

    Thanks for the local intel.


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