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    Default Phoenix to St. Louis

    I am looking for a little help here, I had a trip planned taking much more time up traveling along I-10 visiting Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans taking about week. Due to time constraints I need to make the trip from a Wednesday morning to a Saturday afternoon and have changed it to following I-40 or I-70 haven't decided...
    I would love to visit Zion or Arches or 4 corners, but don't think I will have enough time to do one if any (I think 4 corners could probably be squeezed in but not sure as of yet) So my real questions are:
    What should I visit in between here and St Louis, love live music, good food, outdoors, hiking, I just don't think I will be able to see as much as I have on previous road trips because of time constraints. I am making this trip with my father who also enjoys the same things as I do and also LOVES the NTN games in most bars. We will be staying hotels during the trip and would love any input on good towns to stop in and pick up a bite to eat, listen to some good tunes, and play a little buzztime. Thanks for your help!!

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    I think you hit the nail on the head - there really won't be too much time for exploring on this trip, but I think you would be able to at least fit in a visit to the Four Corners area if you are so inclined.

    Traveling via I-40 & I-44 puts this trip about 1530 miles, which is three days of driving about 10 hours each. That would give you Saturday morning to explore around St. Louis. If you head up to Four Corners and continue from there to Colorado Springs and East on US-24 to I-70, this adds about 100 miles to the trip, or another two hours, plus your time visiting.

    Your trip would be something like this:
    Day 1 - Phoenix to Durango, CO
    Day 2 - Durango to near Colby, KS
    Day 3 - Colby, KS to St Louis, MO - this would be a slightly longer day. But, at about the halfway point of the day, you would be in Kansas City, certainly an interesting place to stop off for awhile. You could even spend the day there, stop overnight, and finish off your trip into St. Louis the next morning.

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    Thanks a bunch for your advice!! I appreciate very much! definitely gave me a new jump off point to re route!

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